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Soul Retrieval Counseling
In Soul Retrieval Counselling, the principles of Soul Retrieval are integrated with clearing techniques. People can have had a lot of counselling, without ever having had a session where a real person has gently touched them, and really asked them what they really want to say. So rarely have there been sessions in which two beings were really there, in touch with each other, that you normally discover a lot of submerged childhood emotion in your client.

The main technique to release charge in Soul Retrieval Counselling sessions I use is called Holographic Timeline Clearing. I developed it out of an ancient and traditionally secret shamanic method. I don't personally believe that it is common for another person to be the uninvited cause of oneself being a victim, therefore I do not use counselling commands that evaluate this to the client, such as "Locate an incident of another causing you a heartache". This type of command implies that the client is at effect. When they realize they are not at effect, they are clear of the charge that can be accessed by this limited focus, and announce they are "clear" of incidents. The viewpoint of "others" are no less real nor accessible to run than the viewpoint of one's own.

It could be quite exciting for a client to run an incident such as a bull goring him in the stomach in a past life, and can even give some relief with stomach pains. The client can, however create the pain again if he hasn't confronted the incident as the bull experienced it. The bull might actually have enjoyed the incident, with a nice little energy hit. The client's unwillingness to experience this other view means he will continue to create a hologram of it forever. If you have ever cleared an incident and it comes up again, it's an unhandled viewpoint.

The addition of soul retrieval to clearing will not make the clearing process take longer. The main factors determining speed of result in clearing are clarity of the counselor, and the presence and attention of the client. A client with soul parts left around the universe can progress slowly. When you run a traumatic incident from multiple perspectives, soul parts may well integrate spontaneously, but often don't. The very gentle question "At that time, did part of you leave?", followed by a very gentle invitation to re-integrate may be all you need to add to your bag of clearing tricks to multiply your client's gain tenfold.

I used to struggle with the reality model of lost soulparts, as the concept of lost parts of a person out there was a little mentally jarring. It didn't seem to make sense, yet it worked so powerfully. My main consideration on this now is that soul is poetry, and poetry doesn't need to make sense. You help integrate soul parts using the reality of soul parts, and their reality is that they are the age they think they still are, with the emotion they are sitting in, and located in whatever they see they are located in. A mental approach will only recover mental attention units, but a poetic approach can integrate the being so that it naturally attracts the rest of itself without having to get mental.

I once saw two psychologists at a workshop nearly fall out of their chairs when I described a situation as "soul theft". They tried to correct the term to their wonderfully mechanistic model involving the person's parents not allowing him to experience something so parts of his personality became compartmented. I had to express that their explanation makes a lot more sense to my intellectual mind than my explanation, but they had seen that the poetic description had led to a life transformative integration, and that their "scientific" description had simply led to intellectual dialogue.

You don't receive soul retrieval as a hobby, scoring how many parts you can find. Commonly you want only to work with a couple of major parts that polarize the being. Some other time in your life when what was already found has been well integrated, perhaps months later you might need perhaps one more session to find another soul part.

One experience that led me to focus on such areas as Soul Retrieval was the shocking realization that only spiritual awareness that you experience in body can be taken with you beyond death. Many of us have been sold the opposite model, that by moving out of the body and doing a set of wonderful exercises is the "real thing" on the path to immortality. Out of body exercises can be done between lives, but only what you experience in body as a collected integrated being can be taken with you to another body.

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