Transcend limiting postures, overcome addictions, take charge of your personal energy, and reveal your genius.

The Activation! Liberation, and Genius Workshops, and other confidential extensions of the Atelier of Power series, work with an extremely high level of energy necessary to facilitate rapid and deep levels of change in your ability to design your own life.

Learn to use energies or archetypes of nature to understand yourself, heal other people and to heal the environment.

Promotional events allow you to get a tasteof your you may learn to make to revolutionary improvement to your work efficiency, emotional stability, and success in your relationships.

Archetype Mediation is a methodology learned over a series of 5 modules. It includes all the skills of NLP, and also goes far beyond NLP. Archetype Mediation is a major development in which every principle involved is developed by Rowland Barkley, but some other systems are used as symbols to create reference to known things such as NLP.

Archetypes are the primal patterning of external nature, and of human personality. Archetype Mediation mediates between these universal patterns and the client in order to consciously connect up with the energies required to transform self, others, and to influence groups in a positive way.