Past Life Abilities Recovery Workshop
Taught only by Master Dreamwalking Metaphysician Rowland Barkley

Past Life AbilitiesThe unique methodologies taught in the “Recovery of Past Life Abilities” workshop develop accesses to knowledge from the past, present, and future. The methodology is equally applicable to parallel lives as to past lives, as once adequate skills are developed, the illusion of proprietary “secrets” disappears, without limitation to time, space, and “ownership.”

Full development of such techniques is a lifelong or lives long enterprise, but the journey starts when you finally learn the methodologies of trans-spatial and trans-dimensional knowledge access.

A vital and unique ability taught in the “Recovery of Past Life Abilities” training is the coding of this knowledge access into your muscles. This method facilitates fast re-learning of practical abilities that are useful for amplifying your pleasure, competence, and abundance in your present life.

In most times and places of the past, and the present, the majority of spiritual, practical, and scientific knowledge has been regarded as the property of small groups, guarding their knowledge as Deep Secrecy. Many scientists would laugh at such secrecy systems as the Shaman owning the secret of fire, or the king owning the secret of fireworks, yet at the same time much knowledge as guarded as “intellectual property”, or “government secrets.”

In this unique and powerful workshop you will learn methods for accessing abilities and education of significant past lives, in order to enrich your present life. You will learn how to free your creative essence from ancient traps in the outer spaces, and release your knowledge that has been bound by oaths and rules of ancient systems.

Each “Recovery of Past Life Abilities” training will be a unique experience, depending upon factors such as the capabilities of the participants.

Example subject matter contained in these courses:

  • Release serious power blockages from past systems, installed by implants or oaths of secrecy
  • Exorcism of constructed entities installed for the purpose of restricting your use of power.
  • Release implanted life purposes
  • Release curses against use of your abilities.
  • Recover specific power objects from past lives.
  • Past-life/Future-life Soul integration

Duration: 2 days.
Recommended minimum preparation requirements to enhance the results of this training: Archetypal Energy Healer, Practitioner level

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