Publication of the Barkley Activation Book

My name is Rowland Barkley, and I have spent my lifetime helping people make rapid, dynamic improvements in their life. Over the course of 50 years, I have gathered enough information to fill 17 books and wish to assemble them as my legacy for this and future generations. My system is proven to succeed, and has been used the world over for curing drug addiction, poverty, and lifting people out of warfare and chaos mentalities.

While the demand, and need for my books is great, raising the money for editing, illustration, printing, binding, and distribution of the hard-cover publication remains elusive. This crowdfunding project is to help with expenses for the hard-cover publication of my first book, "Activation: Your Creativity wants to Work for You." The first edition will be 330 Limited Edition hardcover books in both English and Portuguese. Each will be personally signed and numbered from #1 to #330.

Contributors to this GoFundMe that donate in the amounts listed to the right will receive awards as a token of gratitude for making this edition possible. In addition, there is a grand award open to a limited number of people to participate the pilot Activation course. This includes 2 sessions per week live on Zoom, and intense practice of liberating exercises. The full online course for the Atelier of Power course is estimated to cost € 100,000 to develop. The teaching material and the writing is already in place. The manuscript is currently going through the editing phase. I just need some help with this last bit of expense to move to the next stage of publication.

My goal is to have the first book published and ready for purchase by May of 2018.

Activation: Your Creativity Wants to Work for You

by Rowland Anton Barkley, Portugal 2018

Whether consciously aware of it or not, there is a constant and dynamic flow and transformation of matter and energy through and around your body. Today, many people do not know the optimal path of motion for success, and have come to believe that the universe, and even their own internal creative source exists solely for the purpose of holding them back. The truth, however, is the startling opposite.

Happiness, success, and wellness aren’t just what occur for the lucky few. They are, instead, your birth right and designed by an all-encompassing consciousness that is greater than the sum of its matter and unseen energy. For the purpose of this book, we are going to define creativity as the techniques used to convert between unseen energies and those detectable with the known five physical senses. By extension, we are also going to say that the results, or the sum are more far reaching than the base of matter and unseen force put into them. This, in turn, means that when your life goes awry, the rest of creation also suffers, and the conscious framework.

Because you are a unique interface through which matter and energy are converted back and forth, greater advantage for the whole comes when your creativity is optimally applied for yourself and others. This, in turn, means that your creativity is meant to bring you the success and happiness that you have always wanted.

As a Chiropractic Doctor, and from decades of other extensive research, the author has discovered how petrified postures and energetic ridges in the muscles lock into place a near infinite set of limiting beliefs that you project into your environment, making it seemingly hostile to you. Then your creativity and the ability to transform, transmute, and transition energy and matter becomes disrupted. This disruption, in turn, harms not just yourself, but it also harms the whole fabric of existence.

In a sense, when your postures are petrified into harmful forms, you become like the rotten apple in the barrel that causes the rest to rot. Fortunately, since we aren’t working with purely physical apples, it is entirely possible to undo or get rid of your own limitations and restore both yourself and the world around you. It is also possible for those less damaged, or those who have repaired themselves to shift the balance back towards more constructive and beneficial patterns.

Understanding and accepting your role in a universe that can, and does adapt to your creative genius can seem overwhelming. How do you go about doing better? How do you lift yourself out of poverty, or have better relationships with your family members? Over the course of a lifetime, Rowland Barkley has developed and tested techniques that will liberate genius potential and apply it maximize creativity. From there, a clear and productive path is established to transform and transmute between unseen energies and the physical world.

This book is the first in a series designed to help you liberate yourself, and others who may be looking to you for help. It is the hope of the author that you will find this information useful, and that everyone you bring these techniques to will also enjoy success, happiness, and well being. Never forget that the universe and all its blessings are made for bringing joy into everyone’s life, and that you can be a gateway for great things to happen.