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Magic FingersHere you will find answers to questions people most often ask us to get the best out of these 22nd century life skills training courses.

If your question regarding these courses is not covered here, or should you want additional information on any of the answers, more articles are in the member's section, and we do have many videos for you to watch. Yet "information" is of secondary importance here. No words could describe the intense energies present at these training courses, nor the multi-level results they bring to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions: Soul Integration

What is Soul Retrieval?
Soul IntegrationSoul Retrieval is the recovery of your emotional abilities that left you at the time of trauma, physical, emotional, or sense of powerlessness. Soulparts may be still at the location of the trauma, in the body of somebody in a past relationship or other types of locations. These Soulparts often never return unless directly invited back into your life.

How would I know if I have lost a part of my soul? What are the symptoms?
Common symptoms of Soul loss are feelings of emptiness, depressive tendencies, feeling “dispirited” or weak after a trauma, leaving a place, or a relationship. Lack of motivation or passion for life, or a missing ability, such as not liking writing anymore, or fear of taking a risk, all are signs of Soul loss and or Power Animal loss.

What will I feel when I have a Soul Retrieval?
Soul Retrieval, if done correctly, and when needed, is a very powerful and deeply personal experience at the time. Soul Retrieval should only be attempted in a space of profound Unconditional Love, and that alone server as a strong and positive spiritual shock that changes your life for the better.  The sense of life returning to your body is commonly dramatic, and normally continues to deepen over a period of three weeks.

How fast will I feel results with Soul Integration?
You should feel results within 10 minutes, and will have good integration of those results within 3 weeks.

What is the difference between Soul Retrieval and “Soul Integration?”
Soul Integration is the process of re-accepting returned emotional abilities, which manifests in the form of habitually increased pleasure in your life, and improved relationship skills. It takes a little practice in your life to find it normal to feel so good.

What is the difference between Soulparts, or Personality Parts as are worked with in NLP?

Activated NeurolinguisticsPersonality Parts are conflicting identities that are present, yet functionally separate in the nervous system, and this conflict is visible in the body language. A missing Soul part is a missing emotional ability, and its absence may cause Personality Parts to dissociate.

My mother very much needs such a therapy, but she doesn’t believe in these things. Would Soul Retrieval work for her anyway?
Soul Retrieval works just as well on any type of person, independent of the belief system of the conscious mind of the client.

Correct working with Soul Retrieval is only possible in such a deep space of Unconditional Love, and that love alone provides a positive evolutionary shock. Unconditional Love is beyond beliefs. It makes no difference whether the client is a priest, an atheist, musician, scientist…..

I already think of myself as a “lost cause”. Might I have some hope with Soul Retrieval?
Such a question is common from people that have had a major part of their Soul stolen, leaving it behind after a dysfunctional relationship. A Soul Retrieval would be a major help. Also you would need to develop more empowering attitudes in life. The entire Archetypal Energy Healing series is the least you should try, and it will be the best investment you ever made in your life.

Is there a possibility of Soul Integration not functioning?
Till DarkdragonThere is usually some negotiation on the Shamanic journey, concerning what changes in your life might be necessary to honour the returning soulpart. If were not willing to make the changes necessary, the soulpart might not stay. E.g. if a woman continued living with a drunken husband who beats her up, she would of course feel the pain worse than before, and might send her soul away to avoid feeling the pain.

Could it be dangerous to have a Soul Retrieval?
Not as dangerous as having Soul loss.

I already went on Shamanic journeys before, but never saw my Power Animal or any Teacher. Might Soul Retrieval function for me?
Certainly! Shamanic Journeys are flights of the Soul, so you need your soul present. Also, the value of a Shamanic journey is not based on whether you see, but upon the depth of emotion experienced during the journey.

Can Soul Retrieval be done for children?
Yes, easier than for adults. A child might need Soul Integration just a few times in their entire childhood, and because this is achieved soon after the trauma, we will be spending just a few minutes that avoid the child’s life becoming a night mare.


Frequently Asked Questions: Archetype Negotiation Method

What is the main distinguishing feature of Archetype Negotiation Method compared to other methods?
Global Energy ReferralArchetype Negotiaton recognizes the transformative influence of the state of consciousness of the therapist, as determined by their ability to access energies of nature, in facilitating client transformation at simultaneous levels.

Most therapies treat the person as a problem to be fixed. The Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method Works from the basis that people have far greater capabilities than they ever imagined, and that such personal resources can be utilized to solve any situation and to surpass any obstacle.

What are the main additional results from including Soul Integration into the Holographic Timeline Training?
There are significant benefits to health from working correctly with any type of Timeline system. But working with Timeline alone, in a linear way, frequently fails to bring back important emotional and mental abilities. This additional step may only involve minutes of additional therapeutic effort, should the therapist have the capacity for the deep Unconditional Love necessary, but this generally intensely increases long-term results.

What concept of Soul do you use within this therapeutic system?
Soul is a non-linear or poetic reality, and the concept varies from moment to moment, from client to client. The closest to a linear definition, that fits a large proportion of Soul Retrieval situations, is that Soul is the emotional abilities that belong here on Earth to you present life and your present body. Some Soul Integration sessions involve a much expanded scope than this, but until what belongs here on Earth is experienced here on Earth, the value of things in other dimensions is equally experienced as missing.

Can any trauma at all be cured with Soul Integration?

In the Archetype Negotiation Method, we find it far more effective to first cure the trauma, then integrate back the soulpart that left at the time of the trauma. Most Soul Retrieval systems try to do the opposite, bring back the soul, and then work at healing the trauma. This can be effective, but usually involves months of unnecessary emotional difficulty.

Books on Soul Retrieval and Shamanic sites on the Internet say there will be a long and difficult process of integration after receiving Soul Retrieval. What is the difference with Archetypal Energy Healing Soul Integration?
Referral Therapy Power“Soul Retrievers” without proper training often do not know the difference between Personality Parts and Soul parts, so they leave the Personality parts in conflict, and do not return the Soul. But even properly trained Shamanic Soul Retrievers just bring back the soul, without knowing how to first heal the trauma that caused the Soul to leave. The returning Soulpart then brings with it suppressed memories of the trauma, may not know that time has passed, still be imprisoned in the original negative emotion. This procedure is effective, but commonly needs a painful process of reintegration, including months of therapy.

With Archetypal Energy Healing Soul Integration, the trauma that caused the soul to leave is healed before bringing back the Soulpart, which is returning to the sacred space that has been prepared for it. Therefore the experience of the Soulpart returning is one of great beauty. The integration period is therefore not painful, but one of learning newly how to feel so good.

What is the main benefit to a client’s personal improvement path from receiving a professional Soul Integration from a properly trained Archetype Negotiator?
No therapy or personal development exercises can work well if the client is not present, and a client with soul loss is not fully present. A correctly performed Soul Integration hugely increases the client’s presence in the present moment, thereby permitting all valid personal enhancement approaches to work many times better than they ever did, or could have worked.

What is the difference between Soul Retrieval in Shamanism, and Soul Retrieval in Archetype Negotiation Method?
Big BukevWith Shamanic Soul Retrieval, all the work is done by the Shaman, who does the diagnosis, finds the Soulpart in a Shamanic journey, blows the Soulpart back into the body of the client, and gives advice on how to keep it. In Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method, the therapist guides the client into learning what there is to learn from healing the trauma, and then invites the client to participate in the process of inviting back their Soul that left. This is a much more complete healing, and much more empowering for the client.

What is the difference between “Holographic Timeline” and other forms of Timeline Therapy?
Holographic Timeline healing, one of the modules of the Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method program, works form the basis of memory being non-personal and non-local, and that the main thing that keeps the trauma in place is the part of the memory that is classified as the other person’s memory in the trauma. In general, the healing is deeper, more rapid, and permanent.

How long does it take to learn to be effective as a Holographic Timeline Therapist?
You will be effective after the six day’s training. To represent yourself as a trained professional, however, you would be reasonably expected to complete the whole Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method program, and have at least 100 hours of supervised practitioner experience.

The Deep Trance Transformational module will give your Timeline skills a whole new depth, and most if not all clients on Earth will sooner or later urgently need you to have skills that are be found in the Deobsession for Therapists module.

How much personal gain can I expect during the 6 days training?
Ganesh ExorcismFrom both the training skills, and the session work received during student exercises, this is 6 days that deeply changes your life for the better.

Is Holographic Timeline Therapy only for emotional problems, or also for physical problems?
Any difference between emotional and physical problems may be theoretical, or practical. When physical treatment is the most practical, healing is much faster when the client has positive beliefs and creates mental images the body can use in the healing process.

How long does it take for one strong negative emotion, or one significant limiting decision, or one somatic symptom to disappear with Holographic Timeline Therapy?
About 10 minutes.

I did the Holographic Timeline course, but still have half of my asthma symptoms, and I used to be sad every day, but still I get sad every three weeks. What should I do now?
Energetic LiberationIf, for example, a client had asthma, and 10 drugs were used to treat it, and each drug had 4 side effects, that alone would be forty symptoms, each of which should be healed separately with Holographic Timeline Healing, perhaps 10 hours. If you needed 30 hours to heal every sub-symptom of the asthma, you could work together with another student after the course for two weeks, swapping 30 hours of healing each. Compared to other treatments, that would be a small amount of time, at very low cost, for a huge result. In addition, you would have a huge number of additional results for the same amount of effort.

How many negative emotions, limiting decisions, and somatic symptoms should an average person release with Timeline?
Milton Erickson said people have a near infinite number is of prejudices. But if you only free a few hundred of them, you will be much happier and healthier.

Do I need to be a therapist to learn Holographic Timeline Therapy?
No. Previous theoretical study as a therapist does not help. If you are a trained therapist, what might help about that is your experience in communicating with your clients.

Can anybody learn Holographic Timeline Therapy?
Yes, anybody who can release their addiction to making opinions about other people, especially their clients.

I don’t want to be a therapist. Of what use is my learning Archetype Negotiation Method?
Every baby believes that every mother should have healing skills. When you understand how people repeat behavioural scripts directly out of traumatic events, by practical experience how easy these are to release, you never need to take problems so seriously again. To do the training, and exchange sessions with other students, is the lowest cost an easiest path to liberation anywhere.

I already have a profession that I enjoy. How will Archetype Negotiation Method skills help me in the quality of my existing work?
The skills that you will gain during Archetype Negotiation Method Training are skills you need to be a success in any profession at all that works with people. It is vital for doctors to structure positive suggestions to accelerate their patient’s healing, photographers need to relax and bring out the best face in their subjects. If you sell somebody new clothes in which they feel good about themselves, they will want to send you more business.

I only want to help myself. I just want to stop feeling bad. Why should I learn Archetype Negotiation Method?
If you already did not solve things with that attitude, try another attitude. All Archetype Negotiation Method trainings increase choices. People who feel they have choices can choose to feel good.

A clairvoyant told me I will have a problem in the future. Can Holographic Timeline Therapy change this to a better future?
Your future is what you created already on your future Timeline, and it will happen unless you decide to erase the unwanted future and create a better one.

I want to be absolutely brilliant and effective as an Archetype Negotiator. How long would this take?
There are five modules to the training, plus the confidential sixth level only available by invitation. The five levels, plus supervised experience to get you to the stage where you can produce good results in any client, with phobias, shocking traumas etc, would take less than three years.


Frequently Asked Questions: Rowland Barkley Training Courses

Will I be able to use my new therapeutic skills to make my husband behave better? (This is a very frequently asked question!)
Falling TrainEveryone, including yourself, may appear to be a nicer people, due to you increased communication skills and more positive attitudes to life. But if your intention is to “make” the partner in your relationship to behave better, well, even thought this may be the most ancient hobby on Earth, it is also the least successful. The best approach is to bring him to the Archetype Negotiation Method training.

May I exchange Archetype Negotiation Method sessions with the partner in my relationship? Can we be lovers and do the exercises on the training together?
No. This is never successful. It can be wonderful for a relationship for both to do the training, so long as you both do the exercises on different sides of the room with different students.

Is it necessary to be an excellent therapist to retrieve somebody’s soul, or can anybody learn?
Anybody who cares about other people, including excellent therapists, can learn Soul Retrieval. A space of intense unconditional love is necessary for soul to be willing to return, therefore your decision on where to learn soul Integration will be one of the most important decisions of your life.

People hurt me in the past, so why should I not expect that my future will be just as bad?
BreakthroughFeeling victim is a form of aggression that forces others into sacrificing their energy as sympathy. Your future will be what you now have on your future Timeline, unless you change what is on your future Timeline into something better. That process is called holographic Timeline.

How much personal enhancement can I expect in one week’s training in Archetype Negotiation Method?
Generally the personal result is huge, but normally the more you want to be great in helping the others, the better the result for yourself.

How can I continue to improve my Holographic Timeline skills after the training?
Work exchanging sessions with other students in groups on a regular basis. Advanced students will help you.

I wish I could help others, but don’t feel capable. Is there a solution?
That’s what the training is for. Helping you notice that you are capable is the teacher’s job. You will soon relax, and enter into a deep trance called Competence.

Does it matter who teaches the Holographic Timeline training?
Master metaphysicianYes. If somebody were to teach the same techniques, without highly developed abilities to teach at multiple levels of mind simultaneously, it would take a huge amount of time to become competent.

I don’t feel very capable at learning a lot of theory. How could this course help me?

Everybody is born genius, and all BARKLEY Archetype Negotiation trainings effectively assist in recovering lost and latent abilities. Anybody can learn the amount of theory necessary to get a great job done.

Can Holographic Timeline Therapy cure addictions?
Yes, but memory is state dependent. What a person learns with a substance may only be learned while they are with that substance. So a person should be “clean” for 6 weeks before doing the training, and if not, they should repeat the training the next time it is held.

Can I miss the first morning or the last afternoon of the training?
If you do, that is your responsibility. With any good training, the first hour encodes the information for the whole week, and this information is properly grounded during the last hour of the training. If you are not there, you are not there. But do not bother to ask if that is a good idea.

Are there any dietary restrictions during the training?
Any reasonably healthy diet is OK. Do not get overloaded with sugar. No alcohol.

Are there any medical restrictions during the training?
There are no guarantees whatsoever from the Archetype Negotiation teachers and assistants as to your results from the training if you are using any type of substance to control your state of consciousness. If somebody comes on such addictive substances as “anti-depressants” etc, you may be allowed to do the training, to get whatever you can get from it. But you would not be invited to ask why you did not get some particular flexibility of consciousness if you were taking a substance designed to create an inflexibility of consciousness.

Is 6 days really enough to learn such an important skill as Holographic Timeline Therapy?
You will be able to produce good results in 6 days. If you were to learn it too slowly, your results would be impeded by thinking too much. When you want to get even better, review the training, you will see it through different eyes the second time.

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