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Bragança, Portugal
Nelita Barkley Barreto
+351 939 541 693

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Robert Turk
041 389 325

North Carolina, USA
David Moxham
Tel: 252-229-5035

Porto Alegre, Brazil
Liège de Vasconsellos Martins
Fone: +55 (51) 8202.1490

Edemar Pretzel
Tel +55 (55) 055 3217-7010 / 8111.3140

São Paulo, Brazil
Mauricio de Luna (11) 4485.2881 Cell: (11) 96576.2974

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Suhely Dos Duarte (21) 2552.1773 / 8899.0421 9955.0421

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Barkley Heritage Literary Works

I want to see this happen

My name is Rowland Barkley, and I have spent my lifetime helping people make rapid, dynamic improvements in their life. Over the course of 50 years, I have gathered enough information to fill 17 books and wish to assemble them as my legacy for this and future generations. My system is proven to succeed, and has been used the world over for curing drug addiction, poverty, and lifting people out of warfare and chaos mentalities.