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Soul retrieval counselling outline
By Rowland Barkley, 1994

This course has now been replaced by "Holgraphic Timeline Training: Soul Integration for Therapists", but still has much useful background information for Archetype Negotiation students.

Soul retrieval Counselling is a method in which key fixed patterns of a client's life can be reworked. This involves three foci:

  1. Holographic Timeline Clearing to relieve the key traumas of the client's life by understanding the events as a mutual creation.
  2. Reworking the patterns to heal the energy field of the body.
  3. Inviting soul or essence of the person that left to avoid trauma to return and participate in life, the integration having been honored and invoked by the clearing and reworking steps.

Presuppositions of Soul Retrieval Counselling

  1. When part of you avoids life or leaves, a void is created that will constantly attract something to fill it.
  2. It is never too late to have a happy childhood.
  3. When you are whole, nothing can touch you.

You came here because you want to change something

Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

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