Building Self-Esteem With Implant Clearing

Creative ImpetusMost medical professionals realize that poor self-esteem can lead to all kinds of health problems.  While they may characterize the situation in psychological terms, it may also have an energetic, or spiritual component.  Depending on your past lives, pre-birth contracts, and current life events, low self-esteem may be generated by a foreign implant.  As with many of these devices, they are used to keep you away from certain activities.  We often view this as harmful when they interfere with having a full, abundant, and happy life.

Preventing Implants From Occurring

Inherited PatternsAs with colds and other types of infections, avoiding implants will always be to your advantage.  While you may not be able to avoid traumatic events in your life, you can optimize your outlook to prevent them from having a lasting presence in your energetic fields.  Unfortunately, if you have low self-esteem, you may draw these foreign energies to you.  At the same time, increasingly negative events will only drive your self-esteem lower. 

In many cases, breaking this cycle by yourself will be very difficult.  On the other hand, when you undergo Implant Clearing Therapy with Rowland Barkley, you will find the process rewarding as well as liberating.  Interestingly enough, Rowland will not just simply remove the implants and leave you open to other types of infestation.

During the process of removing implants, you will have an opportunity to learn why and how they became attached to you.  As Rowland heals and rebalances your energetic fields, you will also develop a sense of how to protect yourself from future problems. You will also find that this type of healing will reverse the decay of your self-esteem.  As the process continues to unfold, you will experience many different kinds of beneficial changes in your life.

Discerning Self From Not-self

Ganesh ExorcismWhen your esteem is not at an optimal level, there is an automatic tendency to take the blame for anything that goes wrong in your life.  As an example, if you have an argument with someone, you may blame yourself for the entire situation.  On the other hand, it is equally important to understand that it is not rational to fight with yourself, and therefore both parties are responsible for the conflict.   Unfortunately, once you start manifesting blaming behavior, it makes the perfect opportunity for a foreign implant to take advantage of you. 

In some cases, you may not even recognize that there is a foreign entity or fragment interfering in your life.  As may be expected, this will make deciding whether to integrate the fragment or release it very difficult.  You may even find that trying to do this on your own will leave you feeling very puzzled and confused. 

That said, when Rowland works with you on implant clearing, he will be able to see your entire soul picture from other dimensions.  As he looks at your energy fields, he will be able to see the original structure of your soul, as well as the fragmentary units that do not belong there.  This, in turn, will make it much easier for him to direct your attention and healing energies to the areas that need to be released.   As you progress through the healing, you will also be able to learn the shape and dimension of your unique soul.  This, in turn, will make it much harder for implants to occur again.

Liberation MasteryOn a global scale, it may help to think of each person as a puzzle piece that is part of the human consciousness.  While there is a finite number of puzzle pieces to any one picture, there are an infinite number of puzzles.  Therefore, if you think about implants as pieces from other puzzles, you can see how they interfere with your life as well as the rest of humanity.   Issues related to self-esteem can make it very easy for these foreign fragments to attach themselves to your energetic fields.  At the same time, clearing them from your own energetic fields also helps liberate the human consciousness from their harmful effects.  Today, you can enroll in Rowland Barkley's Implant Clearing workshops and begin the process of improving your life by eliminating harmful energies that do not serve your higher purpose.

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