Re-Attune Your Body Language for Well-being and Abundance

Even though the Caste system is considered unethical by many societies, there is a basis for believing that we inherit many traits from our ancestors.   Chances are, you already realize that children will mimic their parents and siblings as they learn how to function in this world.  This includes tone of voice, speech patterns, and subtle body language cues.  Perhaps, then, it should come as no surprise that walking like a parent with money problems will result in a child that grows up with the same afflictions.  When you attend the Personal Achievement Activation led by Rowland Barkley, you will be able to restructure your body language in a way that supports abundance and good health.

Does Your Body Language Match Your Genius Potential?

BreakthroughAs you may be aware, creative thinking is often considered unconventional.  Historically, you will find that this stereotype developed as society placed an increased value on curtailed emotional and spiritual expressions.  In most cases, this curtailment is desired in order to promote conformity and group cohesion.  Unfortunately, these unnatural alterations severely limit the ability of individuals to protect themselves from addiction, warfare, hostility, and dependence on welfare.   In general, reducing creative body language promotes situations where each person becomes an antenna that attracts poverty and illness.   Eventually, the entire society becomes impoverished and helpless.

Today, you have an opportunity to Breakthrough! the body language habits that are preventing you from reaching your highest goals.  When you attend Rowland's workshops, you will not receive a set of conventional wisdoms about how to walk and sit.  Instead, Rowland will help you discover the postures that are best for you.   Without a question, you will be surprised by all of the subtle things that you do on a daily basis to impede your own success.

The Importance of Deep Tranceforming Your Body Signals

Over the years, many people have written books about how body language influences all kinds of relationships.   That said, Rowland Barkley also recognizes that body language generates signals that attract non-physical energies into your life.  This includes spirits, and other energies that will serve to determine the nature of physical manifestations around you.

In most cases, the body language that you have now is deeply ingrained.  You may even find out that some of your habits come from past lives, as well as from curses that have been passed down through the generations.    As you seek to compensate for all of these issues, your body language will continue to promote a lack of abundance and well being in your life. 

The most damaging body language habits are generated without your conscious awareness.  As may be expected, if you are not in the presence of someone with enough experience to recognize them, it will be very hard to begin the process of getting free.  Unfortunately, even if you know what habits need correcting, you may still be unable to realign on your own.  Therefore, you will need help from someone that is capable of helping you move through the process of clearing these habits.  When you attend Rowland's workshops, he will use deep trances and other tools to help you get through this process as easily and efficiently as possible.

BreakthroughWhen you are trying to change a habit, or alter a behavior, it is crucial to be in a safe, supportive environment.   While books and videos can teach you some things, they cannot provide safety, let alone a living, interacting, beneficial energetic presence to help you get free.  Fortunately, Rowland is uniquely capable of attracting and anchoring these energies into the locations where the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshops are conducted.  Therefore, when you attend this workshop, you will have the best chance possible for recognizing and getting free of harmful body language habits.

Irregardless of whether you are experiencing a lack of  money, relationships, or personal safety, your body language transmits your concerns to others.  In a similar way, these same physical actions direct the universe and determine what energies will be drawn to you.  If you are looking to change your life and this world in positive ways, you will need to change the signals that you are sending out.  You will find few methods or workshops as effective as the Personal Achievement Activation seminars offered by Rowland Barkley.

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