Breakthrough! Habits That Block Your Genius Potential

Major BreakthoughEven if you do not have obviously damaging lifestyle habits, you may still have subtle behavior patterns that prevent you from living the best life possible.  Interestingly enough, a change in body postures can indicate states of mind that either encourage or reduce your ability to think creatively.  At the same time, a great number of these physical habits were inherited, modeled, or implanted before you even had a chance to prevent them from forming.   Fortunately, when you attend the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop with Rowland Barkley, you will have an opportunity to find out where and how your energies are being blocked, as well as begin the process of unleashing your higher self.

Subtle Habits and Social Conformity

Till DarkdragonChances are, you remember your teachers and parents telling you not to slouch while eating, or when you are doing your school work.  While this advice helped you develop a good posture, it can also limit bodily motions in a harmful way.   Invariably, once you begin sitting like everyone else, you will begin thinking like them.  Eventually, your own tendency to find the best answers based on your view of a problem will be curtailed.   By the time you reach adulthood, your most inspired thoughts and energies will no longer be available when you need them most.  

Irregardless of your occupation, there will be many times when you need to solve problems.  In many cases, this will require using a creative outlook, as well as any skills and training that you may have.  If your posture already sends signals to block creativity, your whole system will experience conflicting signals.  Aside from preventing you from finding the best answer, this will also lead to exhaustion and illness.

Rediscovering Genius Instincts

Creative ImpetusIf you know your way around your home in the dark, you may only need a minimal amount of light from an outdoor street lamp.  When there is a power failure, you will revert back to using senses and skills that will help keep you from bumping into things.  During this time of heightened awareness, you may discover a shorter and easier way to move from one point to the next.   In a similar way, the act of conventional learning includes acquiring habitual thought forms that block other information that may have led to a different conclusion from what was intended.  Unfortunately, once you have to do something that requires a different way of processing, you may find it very difficult, if not impossible. 

As you proceed during the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop, you will have a unique opportunity to get rid of all the subtle habits that prevent you from living an abundant and happy life.  You will find that the safe, highly energized environment created by Rowland will make it easy for you to go back and discover all the nuances that habitual thought forms and body positions have forced you to exclude from your perceptions.    This heightened level of awareness, in turn, will not fail to assist you in building a life filled with miracles and well being.

Irregardless of whether your habits are the result of energetic implants, past life tendencies, or modeled on the actions others you encountered in this life, subtle body motion habits can drastically affect the way you think and live.  Unfortunately, most people acquire harmful and debilitating habits rather than ones that serve to liberate and enhance each aspect of living.    That said, you can still make it a priority to reverse the process of forming constricting habits, as well as free yourself from ones that have already impacted your life.

Master metaphysicianIn some instances, you may feel that you can achieve the same results by reading books and watching videos.  Unfortunately, these materials are often written with the main needs of a large audience in mind.  As a result, the most powerful and personal transformative breakthroughs are often inaccessible by this method.   In addition, if your habits are deeply ingrained, you are likely to buy one item after another without even trying to work with them.  Chances are, you may even have a standing habit of buying these items, even though you recognize that they will not serve some nagging inner need.

On the other hand, Rowland will provide support, motivation and inspiration to keep you moving forward.  During the workshop, he will also give you the kind of individualized attention that is required to help you get free of your habits in order to live the life that you always wanted to have.  Even if you have tried other methods and failed, there is no question that the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop will provide you with the best chance for success.

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