Your Sense of Timing and Past Life Abilities Recovery

Creative ImpetusAre you one of those people that can never seem be on the same time clock as everyone else?  Irregardless of whether your bills never get paid on time, or you are constantly late for work, your problems may be rooted in a past life.  In particular, you may find that putting aside an ability acquired in a past may now affect your innate sense of timing.   Once you begin to own these parts of yourself, it will be much easier to function on the same time scale as everyone else.  

Consider a situation where you are always eager to get started on something new.  Before you start working, you are likely to feel that you will be able complete the task in a specific amount of time.  Unfortunately, it can take only one obstacle to make moving ahead impossible. 

If you listen carefully to your internal chatter, you may find some indicators that you can, in fact overcome the obstacle with relative ease.  Unfortunately, the answers may not manifest because the capacity to draw them existed only in another lifetime.   Today, you have an opportunity to take a Past Life Abilities Recovery workshop with Rowland Barkley.  As you go through the process of restoring and integrating long lost skills, you are also likely to accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time.  Even if the skill itself is not entirely relevant to your current life needs, the sense of wholeness will give you a healthy new balance and outlook.

The Consequences of Pre-Birth Contracts

ExorcismEven though you may not remember it, your soul may have made a number of contracts throughout its existence.  Aside from taking oaths, and making promises during past lives, you may also have made the decision to set aside certain abilities before entering this lifetime.  Irregardless of why you made those choices, there will always be a strain on your spiritual system.  At the same time, once you undergo the growth process meant for you in this lifetime, you may find that these self-imposed limitations are unnecessary.

Unfortunately, as you try to work around not having certain skills, you will lose time, as well as a realistic sense of it.  On the other hand, once your soul has access to skills it may have been using for thousands of years, you will have a greater chance of getting things done on time.  While navigating pre-birth contracts and retrieving past life abilities can be a difficult process, you will find that Rowland Barkley has the experience and the innate ability to help you succeed.  In many cases, you will experience miraculous changes in your  life after just one workshop.

Focusing on the Here and Now

Major BreakthoughChances are, when you make a promise to be in a specific place at a certain time, you would prefer to keep your promise.  That said, many times, when you make these commitments, you may still be thinking about your skills and abilities in relation to a past life.  At the same time, who you were may literally have different ideas about what you should be doing at any given moment.  This aspect of yourself may even feel unhappy or disturbed because you are refusing to use a gift that took a great deal of effort to cultivate.  In many cases, the conflict will attract events into your life that will make it seem like you must constantly live with delays.  

On the other hand, once you begin the process of integrating your past life abilities, there will be less energy available for the purpose of drawing distractions.  Instead, you will experience the joy of being able to call things into your life that benefit you and your family.   Beyond that, you may even be capable of drawing things to you that will help with any number of global issues.  Without a question, even being able to get out of debt by serving in an eco-friendly occupation can be of enormous  help. 

There is no question that running late can cause you to miss all kinds of opportunities.  If you would not try to crack an egg with a sledge hammer, then you already understand the importance of having the right tool for a specific task.  Therefore, if you think of past life abilities as being akin to a set of tools, you will soon understand how they can affect your ability to do things in a timely manner.   When you attend one of Rowland's workshops on past life skill recovery, he will help you regain the tools you need to manage your life in an efficient way.

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