The Application of Archetypal Energy Healing in resolving Addiction
Interview with Rowland Anton Barkley

Why is so much of the population addicted to something?

Because their spiritual nature is at war against their material nature, and addiction is the body’s way of winning against that war.

Can people help themselves somehow to come out of these internal conflicts?

rowland_wainerThey easily could, but they almost never try to do so. They need to make their own decision. But it is rare for people to make their own decisions. They get most of their decisions from group pressure, e.g. television advertising that constantly says that a physical substance, e.g. alcohol, headache pills etc, is the solution to problems and the way to getting the friends you want.

I’m sure that nobody wishes to live in a state of an addicted life.

Most movies, fairy stories, and even religions are constantly repeating that you need something to hold onto, which of course means to be addicted. 

Most people feel extremely lost and do not know what to say unless they have a favourite attachment or “pet neurosis” to complain about. Most people are as loyal to keeping their habitual problem as they are to keeping their dog. Problems are simply works of art that you don’t get paid for in money. You get paid for having problems by receiving emotional attention. This is a major cause of “physical” illnesses.  

Believing in problems is a way of sucking energy from other people.

Do you try to tell me that people don’t want to save themselves from addiction?

Very rarely. Most people are desperate to stop other people from being addicted, as a means of hiding their own addiction from themselves.

How can I understand this?

The greatest human addiction is to their internal mental images about their mother’s opinions. People hide this fact in four ways, often using the four at once:

  • By agreeing with the opinions
  • By disagreeing with the opinions
  • By pretending to agree while disagreeing
  • By pretending to disagree while actually agreeing

All four habits waste a terrible amount of energy, because all of them remove the person from being conscious in the present moment.

The basic substance addiction is taught to poor innocent children, thousands of times, without anybody being intelligent enough to see how crazy they are acting. The greatest desire children have is learning. Their second greatest desire is Love.

The most immediate impulse habit adults utilize to show a child love is to give them sugar. It is so much easier to show them they are a good person by giving them sugar than to give them learning. Learning is the greatest human craving. Excess sugar makes messes with the metabolic rate, interfering with learning. Then well meaning “educators” act crazier than a schizophrenic in the name of “science” by addicting the sugar sped up child to Ritalin.

What makes physical addiction expand into a bigger problem?

Living in the present moment can heal everything. Addicts, whether to substances or addicted to problems such as other people being addicts, have not learned to live in the present moment. So they feel sensations only by comparing one moment to another moment.

The first time somebody takes a drug, they can compare that level of sensation to before they took it, and the difference lets them know it is a strong sensation. Taking the drug more times of course can never again give them the same level of sensation because the comparison is gone. After a little time, they only take it to try to feel like they felt before they took it.

The solution is to learn to live in the present moment. Advertising teaches people that they will live better in Heaven, on holidays, drinking with friends, anything except the present moment.

The biggest conditioning from organized religions, and from politics, is that something else is responsible for your mistakes and the failures of society. Most religions writing are heavily focused on sacrifice.

It dos not matter who put you down; it does matter that you decide to get up.

What would you suggest to get free of such addiction conditions?

The fastest and most cost effective approach to letting go of conditioning of the past and strengthen Personal Power is the Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing workshops, followed by Holographic Timeline Therapy.

And what about spirituality?

The key is integration, not being “spiritual” by denying the material level, or vice-versa, but to go beyond both by being all that you are at the same time.

Does that mean that if somebody wishes to become free from addiction, they must only come to your Breakthrough! workshop?

Most people would need to reach the third step in the Archetypal Energy Healing series: “Personal Power and Deobsession” before they would reach the point of deciding to accept their own freedom, and that they really want to be the conductors of their own lives.

What if they have recently taken substances when they come to the workshop?

All substances used as a solution to an emotional problem, including alcohol and “antidepressants” are designed not to cure, but to suppress feelings and memories, so they all will reduce the conscious learnings that are possible. Therefore in such a case, they should come to all the workshops twice, the second tims when they are clean. That is still the fastest and cheapest approach there is.

Do you also work with Soul Retrieval?

Yes. Soul loss is loss of emotional abilities. Nobody can bring back their own missing Soulparts, because to work with retrieving emotional abilities, you first have to have the ability to feel emotion that is missing. As a person experiences more of their Soul back, they then have less “vacuums” that attract “alien energies,” and therefore less compulsion to take solutions to that emptiness.

Do you also use some special skills or abilities?

After more than 30 years of experience, I can say that I have developed many healing skills to the level of Mastery. I work at many different (more than 30) levels at the same time.

Is this not dangerous?

You mean is it dangerous for me to take the risk to work so deeply with people? Yes, it is dangerous for me; I have constantly observed that students at workshops do not realize the strength of the energies involved. They are all seriously lacking in the discipline necessary to be responsible for the energy that is needed to make such deep changes.

And do you also teach your students and clients about security?

Yes, I teach them to heal in ways that are safe for the client, the therapist, and the environment. But of course to achieve that takes much more than a weekend workshop.

Why don’t all workshops work at such a strong level?

Many people claim that weaker and slower is better, because it might be safer. That is simply an excuse for working al low quality. Many people also go to workshops more as a spiritual picnic than to really change their lives.

Actually we need to work as fast and as strong as possible to bring some sanity to the Earth. The most powerful technology on the Earth is in very stupid hands. That stupidity is the greatest danger on Earth today.

Can Karmic energy be an influence with addiction?

Karma only means to be living in the belief system of action and reaction. Addiction is reaction to action. The principal karmic influence people have is recordings in their body of past generations ineffective solutions to problems

That means that people can also heal Karma on your workshops?

They can let go of recordings from past generations, and start to access the present moment.

I saw some drums floating on your website. What is the purpose of the Shamanic Drum?

Used correctly, it is the easiest way to learn to alter states of consciousness in a disciplined way, accessing information from many levels of the mind that otherwise are not accessed except accidentally

I have the feeling that I travel to other universes as you speak. How can a voice have this much influence on another person?

The way that people create their problems is how they talk to themselves and about themselves, the tone, the rhythm, the images represented by their words.

The power of the voice is expressed in most mythologies of the world, that say that the Word came first. That represents the power people have in creating their future by directing their voices. I speak to people in very different rhythms and tones than they have every heard before, so their problems stars to dissolve. That is a main subject of my Deep Transformational Trances Training.

Do you also give private sessions?

Yes, I do sometimes give private consultations, only to for the purpose of working with the main issue of the person’s life. In general, I much prefer they come to the workshops, as much personal gain is only possible by learning to help others.

Is there anything else people need to become free of addiction?

The definitive healing for addiction, that works predictably every time, is to deal separately with every single symptom of it with Holographic Timeline Healing. Even a smoking habit may have with it 99 different negative emotions, limiting decisions and unpleasant sensations. Each one of these may take maybe 10 minutes with Holographic Timeline.

If a group of addicted people did the training, and worked with each other for a definitive cure, it would take much less time than any other solution, cost far less, and they would all feel the best they ever felt in their lives.

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