Recovery of past life abilities
by Rowland Barkley, Australia, May 1990

Rowland BarkleyThere are a number of cathartic processes around that relieve difficulties originated in past lives, but the positive abilities encysted within those past lives are rarely recovered.

Re-experiencing pictures from the past does produce relief and a "clearing" of the mind. This relief, of course, releases interest in the past identity, so if some method of exercising the past abilities or bringing them through into present time and the present body is not part of the process, the past power may never come through.

I often used to encounter client resistance to bringing past abilities forward to the present. They would originate problems such as fear of again misusing power, it being just too much responsibility having them back again, or oaths of secrecy or allegiance as to how powers were to be used.

Every time some past life ability would show itself, but not become permanently available, it would seem rather a waste to me. Finally the reason became clear: past powers are normally encysted within old rules of magical training or long gone societies. Oaths of secrecy, while often aimed at ensuring ethical use of powers, restrict the ability to conditions that do not now exist, and the client is not normally willing or able to break the old obligation.

Even outside of such restrictions, a power usually belongs by association to conditions the client does not need in the same form in the present life. An example would be a great mental strength and endurance developed in the past as a warrior in order to protect one's king, would at that time be highly desirable qualities to hold. Lifetimes later in the 1990's the same qualities might be vital for the client to use in business, but he'll reject them as he doesn't want the physical qualities of the past time which involves being a warrior. The business competition would not be appropriately dealt with by poisoned arrows.

The mistake that has usually been made with past life counseling is to attempt to bring abilities through time, from the past and up into present time, which brings unwanted qualities associated with the wanted abilities into the present where they don't belong. The client rejects the whole package, but feels relieved as he has seen the root of some present problem from which he has now been freed, pays for the relief, and continues on with the assumption that should enough of the past be cleared he'll then get more able.

There is a solution to this. What you have to do is never try to bring past powers into the present; you have to find the "present" in the past, and that "present" never ended. You find the creative spark of the past life, and see from a Higher Self or Essence level the creation of the past identity. This is outside of time, so might easily have been that personality's idea of "God".

From that level the client can experience in a timeless way his own creation of that identity and the experiences he set up for himself. He then heals that identity, or at the very least, his conception of it. The old traumas and negative education just fall away once you get clearly the basic purpose for that identity, and feel that purpose from outside of time, while continuing to focus down to that personality.

The first step is Holographic Timeline Healing, a re-experiencing of the major trauma of that life, and when done correctly, this includes experiencing from the perspectives each of the observers and other participants in the significant event, never merely from the client's personal perspective. (Techniques for achieving this are in other articles.) This is done till the client can view the overall game pattern of that life. Then have him scan over the present life for similar patterns now. Leaving out that step could result in merely a therapeutic result, missing out on a retrieval of power and ability. Much more can be achieved than just making people feel better.

The next step is to all necessary Soul retrieval, back into the past identity. Soul in this context is defined as the emotional abilities of the person, including all levels of consciousness that apply to the current identity. If a person's name was "Alice", it would include all feelings connected with "Alice", but not include Higher Self, Essence, or whatever other names you prefer for immortal aspects of Self.

During traumatic incidents, part of the Soul leaves to avoid the physical or emotional pain. This part often cannot find its way back to the body, or is unwilling to return. The ancient shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval handles this, particularly well in the modernized form taught by Sandra Ingerman. Various forms of cathartic therapy help a client to relive old memories, but when these therapies are of real value, it is rather accidental: when the memory relived parallels an anomaly in the client's electrical field, sufficient healing can occur to allow a lost soulpart to be capable of reintegrating with the body due to resonance.

The “lost soulpart” phenomenon is often connected to lost past life abilities. During a traumatic past life incident involving use of power, the part of the being that has the power encoded in it leaves. Instances of this include accidental abuse of the power such as accidentally killing a client by using too much force or initiating them into something they cannot handle, being burned alive at the stake for the crime of focusing down to Earth the forces necessary keep lands fertile, surrendering part of one's soul to the leaders of the group during a heavy initiation, or having used a power only when under the influence of heavy drugs during tribal rites.

In the many cases involving the giving of one's soul to the group leaders, (often considered by them to be necessary to ensure the ethical use of power), the power was only available in the past life during approved tribal activities such as while actually operating as the Oracle of Delphi. It would therefore be no surprise that the power would not be available in the present life, when these same conditions do not exist.

The first time I taught this technique of recovering past life abilities, one student attempted to bring back an exceptionally artistic lost soulpart from a past life, directly back to the client's body. This immediately produced terror, as it also brought back many irrelevant and unwanted patterns, including the feeling of advanced age into a young face.

What you do is retrieve the Soul lost in the past time into the identity in that past time, bringing about a healing in the past, or if you prefer a more concrete model of reality, you would be healing the client's conception of that personality he was. Whatever theoretical way the therapist thinks of it, the intention that works is to heal in the past.

The next step is to have the client shift consciousness to an Essence level senior to that past life, and fully experience his own creation of that life pattern. This will result in a present awareness of the purposes he set himself in that life and in all the old unwanted patterns dropping away from that identity. It will be the first time he has been truly whole as that identity, and can therefore be different from it.

Once that past life has been cleared as itself, and is being viewed timelessly, the client is invited to bring that power from the timeless space into the current body and be willing to experience the power now. In this way the power one had in the past is available in the present, without bringing anything from the past through time.

The final step would be an implementation interview, working out with the client some practical application or exercises that use the regained ability. This is to be carried out in life before any other counselling is done. It is important these exercises are begun soon, at the latest within three days of the session. This will continue to be useful up to the tenth day.

Past Life Abilities Recovery workshop led by Rowland Barkley

Copyright © 1990 Rowland Barkley

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