Using Past Life Regression to Combat Poor Lifestyle Habits

Even if you rewrote the definition of “terrible twos” as a toddler, there is no reason to pay for it with your life.  That said, many people that smoke, drink alcohol, or pursue other unhealthy lifestyles act as if they have done something terribly wrong.  In most cases, psychologists cannot get at the problem because it may stem from something that happened in another lifetime.  Without a question, you will find that Rowland Barkley has been successful in helping treat conditions related to karma where many others have failed.

What May Have Been vs. What Is

PostojnaAs you may be aware, there is no such thing as a perfect memory recall.  Irregardless of whether you take part in an event, or simply watch it, your memories will be affected by your feelings, physical condition, and many other factors.  Unfortunately, the problem becomes even more complicated when the event is buried in a lifetime that you have lost access to. 

While the energies of those old feelings and memories may freely echo into your life, it is very difficult to control the results.  In a way, not searching for past life factors can be a bit like an ostrich with its head in the sand.  Even though the ostrich cannot see the world going on, all kinds of things are still happening, and will continue to happen.

There is no question that you, or your family may have done something horrible in another lifetime.  If you feel guilty for a small mistake in this lifetime, trying to face the burdens of a magnified past life can be very difficult.   You will find that it is much easier to be in the presence of someone that will stand by and help you get through the process.  Rowland's objective presence, and focus on beneficial healing makes the difference between simply recalling past lives, and curing their harmful effects in your current life.  You may even find that doing something to help yourself will heal some aspect of your family karma.

The Value of Acceptance and Release

Many people buy hypnosis tapes, and read books in order to learn how to visit other lifetimes.  While you may reach the past, there is no guarantee that you will see an event or a scene that will help you solve a current problem. At the same time, even if you do see a relevant core event, you may not know how to manage it during the trance state.

Consider a situation where you were party to some type of brutal murder.  Even if you retrieve the event on your own, there may be a tendency to get bogged down in talking about it, journalizing it, and, essentially, wallowing in the wonder of having “found something”.  At the same time, understanding the energy and links of the event to your current lifestyle choices may be very difficult.  Even if you do understand the role the energy plays in your current life, you may not know how to reduce its effects and consequences. 

On the other hand, working  with Rowland creates a powerful healing potential, where you assist  in the creation of a stated purpose, and goal to reach.  Perhaps best of all, while you are focusing on your personal details, you will have someone on hand with an objective focus and a knowledge of the path to recovery.    In many cases, this makes the difference between reciting a history lesson and creating meaningful change in your life.  At the same time, simply being able to receive someone else's view will make it easier to forgive yourself and move forward.

As the number of deaths from cancer and other lifestyle related diseases escalate, there is no question that something much larger may be going on with the overarching human consciousness.  Because your soul retains a recording of all your lifetimes, you may be  able to achieve liberation via regression therapy for yourself and others. 

Once your success  finds its way into the history of your immediate family and the larger human consciousness, you are bound to see all kinds of improvements.   If you think of the good health of each member as benefiting society, it will be fairly easy to see where stopping a harmful habit also benefits many other people.  Without a question, you will not want other to continue suffering for something that is in the past.  Today, you have an opportunity to attend past life regression workshops with Rowland, and begin the process of healing yourself, and perhaps even fashion keys that will help others with similar problems.

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