Master Level Archetype Negotiation Method and the Road to Freedom

Sometimes, it seems like we spend our whole lives learning how to do a job, and then find ourselves unable to do it.   As an example, people go to college, only to find out they do not have enough skills and experience to get a job that will provide for a good living. In a similar way, many people today are working hard to attain spiritual enlightenment, as well as to heal humanity.  Unfortunately, few teachers provide students with enough experience to even begin to achieve these goals a small scale.

Liberation MasteryWhen you attend the Master's Level Archetype Negotiation Training Seminars offered by Rowland Barkley, you will gain the tools required to achieve global transformation.  At the same time, you will also work toward completing the process of reintegrating and harmonizing your own soul within the rest of the human consciousness.  Without a question, if you are serious about reaching a state of enlightenment that will also help raise the level of wellness for all humans, becoming a Master Energy Level Referral Practitioner is one of the most reliable methods.

Stepping Out of the Rat Race and Other Vicious Cycles

Today, many people feel that only scientists, lawyers, scientists, business analysts, and politicians can create lasting global change.   Unfortunately, the education and certifications  required to pursue these careers often exceeds $100,000.00.  Without a question, if you spend your days working at a low to medium wage job, you cannot afford the time, let alone the money to pursue more uplifting occupations. 

Irregardless of the job you work in, there are also spiritual paths open to you.  Even though you may not be born with the characteristics exhibited by the great spiritual masters, you can still gain enough information and experience to help others achieve a better state of being.  When you look at the cost of this training, you will soon realize that Rowland's courses and workshops are far less expensive than the tuition fees associated with becoming a doctor, teacher, or politician.  At the same time, when you are capable of accessing the full power and potential of the spirit world, you will also learn how the greatest professions are supported by your energetic efforts.

Interestingly enough, choosing a career that raises the level of wellness in others is one of the most fundamental requirements for setting yourself free of karmic cycles and spiritual degradation.  Therefore, even if you are working at a conventional job now, you can still learn more about Archetype Negotiation Method, and help others during your spare time.  As may be expected, once you are attuned to abundance and well being, you are likely to  find a new, satisfying career that will help you bring even more wellness and wholeness to others.

Setting Others Free in the Holographic Space

Rowland DoubledrumIf you are chained to a wall, a rock, or any other object, there is very little that you can do to help yourself, let alone another person.  In a sense, we are all born chained to past lives, implants, and other “realities” that cannot be escaped without the help of another person.  Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a healer, or other form of spiritual Practitioner, you will not  truly own your freedom until you know that you are capable of freeing others.  Essentially, this is one of the most important reasons for completing your training as an Master Archetype Negotiation Guide.

Aside from finding your own freedom in the capacity to clear negative energies, you must also  learn how to create beneficial situations, abundance, and wellness for others.  Typically, most of this is accomplished in the holographic space.  When you work with Rowland during the final stages of becoming an Archetype Negotiation Guide, you will learn how to create some of the most vibrant and beneficial energies known to mankind.

If you do not have the money, time, or certifications to pursue careers in prominent community roles, you may feel like there is nothing you can do arrest the destruction of humanity and the environment.  On the other hand, Rowland Barkley has been making a difference all over the world with tools based on a wide range of spiritual teachings.  Today, he can give you powerful training that will enable you to take a more active role in solving global problems than you ever dreamed possible.

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