Using Deep Shadow Transformation to Solve Your Drug Problem

Inherited PatternsIn a sense, the entire scientific model for drug addiction may be the exact opposite of reality when it comes to describing the relationship between drugs and humanity.   Many authorities claim that research indicates drugs are essentially a manipulating device through which a person enters and exits with predictable results.  As an example, if a person drinks a certain amount of alcohol, it will depress certain brain functions, which will then lead to changes in behavior.  Unfortunately, this model robs individuals and society of free will, as well as some of the most powerful birthrights that come with being human. 

When you work with Rowland Barkley, you will be set free from this constraining model.  Instead of being treated like a broken machine with predictable behaviors, you will experience being a unique person, complete with a mind, soul, and heart.  These workshops will help you strip the conditioning which led you to believe that the drug is your guide or your master.  You will come to understand that you are stronger than the addiction, as well as the model that has been used to control you.  When you work with Rowland's model, you become the controller of your experiences, and therefore, of your life.

Empowerment as the Key to Freedom

Soul IntegrationThere is no question that many people become addicted to drugs, territorialism, intimacy, and many other “addictive aides”  because they feel weaker than whatever they have become enslaved to. Perhaps it can be said that addictive aides are used in order to try and achieve some type of wholeness that our society is only beginning to wonder about.  In many cases, getting free of drug addiction becomes a combination of integrating the creative self into daily life, as well as developing positive self esteem and personal abundance.

When you work with Rowland, you will have an opportunity to achieve much more than a temporary freedom from a specific drug.  Instead, you will experience permanent changes that will help you stay free of the addictive process.  Irregardless of how you started your life and lived it up until now, you have an opportunity to achieve a beautiful future.  As you proceed through these healing sessions, there is no question that you will find new ways of expressing yourself, as well as discover more beneficial ways to live.  Once unfettered from your addictions, you will find that you can and will attain all of the best things in life.

The Implications of Deconditioning the Social Drug Culture

Major BreakthoughIt can be said that our entire society suffers from collective addictions.  These include welfare, warfare, and education systems that make it virtually impossible for an individual to explore and develop their creativity.  In most cases, a person gives up control of their destiny when they succumb to the belief that the life sustaining and empowering instincts are “dark”, irresponsible, or even “evil”.   Unfortunately, these once healthy impulses become ”shadows”, or dark places within your life.   At the same time, the logical mind is manipulated with all kinds of promises of protection and other “benefits” that come with giving power to a small subset of individuals.  

Many of the devices used to turn creativity into shadows do not and will not work once a person is set free of the addictive model.  Once you learn how to harness your creative impulses within a healthy, integrated, and logical mind, you will also become free of cultural as well as personal addictive aides.   Because this integration is a natural way of  living, others will be drawn to find the same healing for themselves.  Therefore, achieving your own freedom will help everyone else get free of these harmful control mechanisms.  As the process unfolds, you will experience the joy of seeing people overcome their own addictions to warfare, environmental destruction, and poverty. 

Even though you may currently rely on addictive aides, there is no question that you have feelings about the current world condition.   As a human being, you also have a right to create a beneficial impact based on instincts and aptitudes that are used in conjunction with a activated soul and healthy mind.  Today, you have an opportunity to become the person you were meant to be, and thus step into the life of abundance and joy that enables you to share the bounty with others.

Barkley MetaphysicianOver the years, Rowland has helped many drug addicts where conventional counselors have failed.  Therefore, even if you have tried to break free of your addictions using other methods, it is not an indicator that your situation is hopeless.  Without a question, you owe it to yourself to try Deep Shadow Transformation workshops with Rowland.


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