End Your Addiction to Hatred With Personality Integration Therapy

As with so many spiritual truths, there is often a perceived paradox between what is said and what can be observed in physical reality.  This is especially obvious in cases where one person or group of people feel hatred for another.  Most people are familiar with the concept that hating someone else is the exact same thing as hating self. Nevertheless, few progress far enough with that understanding to take the steps required to unify their personality and step away from that hatred.

In today's troubled world, there is no question that everyone needs to learn how to end the cycle of hatred at an individual level.  Fortunately, Rowland Barkley has the tools, skills, and experience necessary to help you end your own addiction to hatred.  Once you have achieved this  new, and empowered level of wholeness, you will be able to go out into the world and help others achieve the same goal.  If you want your children and grandchildren to live in a safe, healthy world, ending your addiction to hatred is the single best thing you can do for yourself and them.

Hatred and Internal Conflict

Inherited PatternsBefore you can conquer hatred, it is important to understand that it is more of an emotional process than an actual emotion.  As a result, hatred literally becomes a “habit”, or a cascading mechanism that becomes addictive.   Hatred is made up of two parts that may exist instantaneously, or follow each other in an endless cycle.  To begin, when you feel hatred, there will be an instinct to draw whatever it is closer to you.  In order to attract anything, you will need to have a legitimate liking or affection for what you want to draw. 

As may be expected, the other part of hatred is a desire to repel what displeases you.  Therefore, when you hate something, one aspect of yourself will be trying to draw it closer, while another aspect will be trying to repel it at the same time.  Aside from leading to exhaustion, this constant internal conflict can make you feel more upset and distressed than you would be if the hatred did not exist.  At the same time, the unexposed  experiences at the root of this conflict will continue to initiate the habitual process over and over again.

In order to end the cycle of hatred, you will have to recognize that the entire conflict resides within. When you enroll in  Rowland's Personality Integration workshops, he will help you recognize these fragmented aspects of your personality, as well as teach you how to unify them.  This is a powerful process that will set off healing in every area of your life.  Once each aspect of yourself becomes united in outlook and action, you will experience an enormous increase in energy, focus, and happiness.  This sense of unity and purpose will make it much easier for you to achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

The Concept of Battle and the Ultimate Illusion of Separation

BreakthroughAs you look around, you will notice that there is always some party in opposition to another.  Irregardless of whether the story is about people apprehending criminals, engaging in warfare, political debates, or scientific discoveries, everything ultimately revolves around the concept of battle.  Even stories of the Gods and Goddesses reveal the human tendency to project internal personality disintegrations onto the rest of the world.

As with your personal life, every single battle being waged in all dimensions can and will be stopped the moment you achieve the complete integration of your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual inclinations.  Surprisingly enough, even perceiving this process as a “battle” is yet another example of the way the illusion of separation is the primary feeding mechanism for the habit of hatred.  Considering the extent and nature of all the fractures and splinters in the human consciousness, it is vital for every person to achieve full personality integration.

CommunityIrregardless of your past and present circumstances, Rowland Barkley can help you let go of your addiction to conflict and hatred.  As you become a more unified presence, it will be much easier to prevent your energies from being used to feed conflict and mayhem in others.  Ultimately, as you progress through Rowland's workshops, you will also be able to deliver assistance to others that are vitally in need of help with breaking out of their own addiction to hatred.

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