Archetypal Energy Healing and Body Language

Chances are, you have only to take one look at your son or daughter to know if they completed their homework.   At the same time, you can probably tell what mood your boss is in just by the sound of his/her footsteps in the hallway.  In each of these situations, you are forming an opinion about the condition of another person.  While your opinions may be accurate in many cases, you may not realize how your own body language shapes the responses of others to you.

Body Language and Your Own Biofeedback Mechanism

Power AnimalConsider a situation where your children do not do their homework, or pay a minimal amount of attention to the process.  Even though you may try to explain the long term consequences of not getting a good education, your children may still decide that video games are more important.  Before you automatically decide that you child needs to change, it may help to look at your own behavior.

Without a question, if you fold your arms and ask “Did you get your homework done yet?” your child is apt to say “yes” just to try and stay out of trouble.  At the same time, you may not be aware of the fact that your child needed help with mastering some concept, and may have been afraid to ask you.  This and many other situations in your life create an enormous disparity in what you are thinking, and what is actually conveyed.

When you enroll in an Archetypal Energy Healing Workshop with Rowland Barkley, you will learn a great deal about how your body language and outlook shape the way others behave.  As with many other things related to the interface between mind, body, heart and spirit, you will find that a disharmony in one area will eventually create a never ending cycle of problems in all areas.  Therefore, it is important to break the cycle of harmful body chatter in order to liberate yourself from negative situations.

How the Body Language of Others Affects You

Implant explosionEven though you create your own reality, it is important to understand that others are also engaged in the same process.  For the most part, you will find that you either set the standard for the way body language is used around you; or you will mimic what others do.  As may be expected, following patterns that do not best suit your needs can lead to personality disintegration.  At the same time, being the “leader” can also make it difficult for your body to explore its own evolutionary path as a sovereign being. 

While it is important to function in harmony with others, you also need to be able to recognize harmful patterns and avoid duplicating them.  As an example, if you are in a crowd of smokers, it will always be to your advantage to avoid taking up this habit.  That said, even though you may not start smoking, you may take on all kinds of other secondary behaviors.  This may include holding your head in a different way, as well as moving your hand as if there is a cigarette in it. 

In many ways, you can think of body language impact as being similar to the presence of an implant.  Without a question, at least some part of your consciousness will feel alienated and begin to live a life of its own.  Therefore, it is very important to develop an awareness of your body language, as well as the habits of others around you.

Creative ImpetusAside from helping you become more attuned to these signals, Archetypal Energy Healing will also help you redefine yourself through body language.  Once you learn how to create clear, powerful, beneficial signals, you will have the power to change the world around you.  As people gravitate to your positive energy signals, their own body language will become entrained with yours.  This, in turn, will help them live happier and more abundant lives.  As the process carries from person to person, you will soon begin to see the effects on a much larger scale.  If you are committed to making a better world for yourself and others, you will try taking an Archetypal Energy Healing Workshop with Rowland Barkley.

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