Healing the Whole Human Being
Psychiatrist - CRM 13455 Psychotherapist, psycho-dramatist, Core-Energetic, Aura-Soma therapist and Shaman.

The integration of the HUMAN BEING as a path to healing

What is healing?
Throughout my professional life as a doctor, I have often come across this Question: WHAT IS HEALING?

Through the eyes of traditional medicine I could not obtain a satisfactory answer.

Traditional medicine divides the man in segments (no wonder there are so many specialists), the man is cut in parts, fragmented, and a specialist is chosen to understand each part whereas man as a whole is not seen or understood. His emotions are handed over to another specialist: the Psychiatrist, who is supposed to understand the patient's emotions and mind, but not his body and soul (which does not even exist as far as the traditional doctor is concerned). This area is to be handled by another specialist (maybe a priest, a minister, a witchdoctor or someone else).

In ANCIENT GREECE healers understood about man as a whole (the Holistic Being) and in the healing temples the patient arrived, was bathed and put to rest in order to dream about his healing. Through the unconscious mind, the HEALING DREAM would tell the healer what to do. The patient himself helped in his healing process and did not wait passively for the DOCTOR'S KNOWLEDGE. Today the patient waits "patiently" for the doctors to decide what should be done about him, and takes lots of antibiotics, pain-killers, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, stimulators and tranquilizers.

As a Shaman, besides being a doctor, I do believe in the Healing Power of my client and I help him to awaken his inner healer. Together we analyse his dreams as a way for the unconsciousness to guide us. Together we try to rescue lost pieces of his soul (soul retrieval.) Through different techniques, we aim at the connection of all his bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), through Shamanic Techniques, Psychodrama, and Core Energetic I believe that the HEALING WAY is the RESTORATION of the WAY OF HEART and this is impossible to accomplish without the COMMITTMENT OF THE HUMAN BEING to his GREATER TRUTH.

I also use Natural Medicine (herbs, baths), Biological Medicine, Aura Soma, Diets, Balanced Food, Walks, Breathing and Core Energetic Exercises to dissolve the carcass and body blockages, which prevent the expansion of our consciousness and the free flow of emotions. Meditation is included in my practice as well.

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Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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