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Archetypal Energy Healing Course Structure and Timeframe

Karma SpiralThe full training, up to the Provisional Master Practitioner level, is taught at three levels over sixteen experientially intense days.  As these are deep personal transformational experiences, in many cases it will be advisable to attend more than once to complete your healing process.

Level one: YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! Two days
This weekend workshop is the recommended prerequisite to all Rowland Barkley Courses
Level two: Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner (7 days)
Level three: Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner (7 days)

Requirements for recognized Professional Healer Status:
Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner, Professional

  1. Completion of Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner and Master levels
  2. Special training only possible to be received by advanced assistants in training.
  3. Present notes from at least 100 hours of session work
  4. Written test
  5. 3-day advanced presentation and graduation training.

Helaer Professional graduates will have the right to:

  1. Print the Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method logo on their advertising and business cards
  2. Represent to the public that they are professionally trained in Archetypal Energy Healing
  3. Join the Archetype Negotiation professional society who will list their practice on the Internet
  4. Apply to join the Teacher Training program to teach Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing to the Practitioner level

Requirements for recognized Professional Teaching Status:
Archetypal Energy Healing Trainer

  • Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner
  • Complete the “Archetype Negotiation Method” training series, up to Module 5 (each is 1 week training)
  • Complete the Activated Neurolinguistics Training with Rowland Barkley, and assist 100 of Barkley Archetype Mediation courses
  • Receive Initiation at the Archetype Negotiation teacher's level. This Initiation transfers abilities such as how to transmit knowledge to your students, and awaken healing abilities in them, by Broadbeam Telepathy