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Archetypal Energy Healing 2009

Awaken your energetic potential and connect each aspect of your personal power to source.

Energetic LiberationThese workshops are suitable for healers and therapists wishing to expand their abilities, as well as for any who are willing to have a healing influence on the environment, irregardless of daily profession.  Because so many changes result from the Archetypal Energy Healing workshops, we found it best to create a Practitioner Level course, and a Master's Level course.  In these transformational workshops, you will

Practitioner Level:

  • Reconnect with your personal power
  • Reactivate your instinctive skills for rapidly clearing emotional and energetic blocks in yourself and others
  • Re-energize your body, boost your immune system, and transform your life.

Master Level:

  • Learn how to combine instincts with intelligence, discipline, and true compassion for others
  • Share in the joy of helping others find wellness and abundance in their own lives

Using techniques created by Rowland Barkley, blending ancient Shamanism and modern Qantum realities, you will explore and access knowledge available at different levels of your body, Instinctive Mind, and Higher Self.  This is a unique opportunity to break the chains that bind you to "modern" limiting beliefs about aging, illness and stress.  As you progress, you will rediscover an inner fountain of healing and creative abilities.