Archetypal Energy Healing Initiation level 1:
ACTIVATION! of your Realization Potential

Why wait to improve your health, stimulate motivation, and restore purpose in your life?   

waterfallThe Activation! workshop is for those who decide to break their major life barrier in this exact moment, opening up to express their power more deeply. Activate your power and discover your true self!

Now is the time to break the chains that restrict your ability to have all the best things in life.  ACTIVATION! is a carefully formulated  Immersion Experience workshop that is conducted in rooms filled with energies crucial for helping  you break  through obstacles that were encoded and accepted into your heart, mind, body and soul across time. 

Activation! is not a theoretical workshop, but a vital prerequisite for future Barkley personal enhancement training. You will Discover Yourself, learning to embrace and become the exciting process of living in ways that create magical and powerful transformations in yourself and your world. What you will change in one weekend is the most you can change, which is much more than you believe possible.

During this Activation! weekend you will:

  • Learn to have, know, and take charge of your own mind
  • Discover your unfiltered emotions
  • Evaluate your life with your own natural intelligence
  • Recognize and avoid habitual acts based on influences, energy fields, and negative belief systems of  other people and groups.
  • Free your inner potential and hidden powers

About the Trainer:
Rowland Anton Barkley is a Personal Competence Metaphysician. As a chiropractor and shaman, Rowland Barkley understands the complexity of having to navigate between conventional medical opinion and the deeper spiritual insights that trigger miraculous healing. He has developed several special techniques out of ancient secret Shamanic healing techniques.

Earth is awakening. Are You?