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Articles concerning Barkley Archetype Negotiation method and Archetypal Energy Healing. Your rational mind may care to ask a question, or you Visceral Mind may care to register for Activation!

Barkley Archetype Mediation Training programs encompass four realms of personal competence enhancement.

Barkley Archetype Mediation Dimension 1: “Archetypal Energy Healing” techniques created by Rowland Barkley, blend ancient Shamanism and modern Qantum realities. Explore and access knowledge available at different levels of your body, Instinctive Mind, and Higher Self. This is a unique opportunity to break the chains that bind you to "modern" limiting beliefs about aging, illness and stress. As you progress, you will rediscover an inner fountain of healing and creative abilities.

Barkley Archetype Mediation Dimension 2:. Archetype Negotiation Method Training will help you step into your hidden, yet natural shining intelligence, charisma, and creativity. As you proceed through the workshops, you will develop the disciplines needed to hold holographic space with the power of Love. This includes a series of five training levels of advance healing techniques to receive and to give, each approximately one week duratiopn. As an added bonus, graduates will also receive an internationally recognized NLP Master Practitioner certification.

Barkley Archetype Mediation Dimension 3: Specialty workshops encompass many subjects spanning from Soul Integration, dissolution of Family Karmic patterns, to exploring and utilizing states of genius.

Barkley Archetype Mediation Dimension 4: Macrodimensional voyaging events. These are deeply moving non-linear indescribable transformational events. At this time, they are only taught by Rowland Barkley.

Workshops from Beyond the Void

On some rare occasions, facilitated only by a Master Dreamwalking Shaman, certain trans-temporal factors precipitate the possibilities of nine-dimensional learning experiences, evoking quantum leaps of the accessibility of knowledge. These events require levels of energetic and emotional discipline that extremely few spiritual voyagers are ever likely to have, nor even to want to have.

Any person that believes or assumes that they already attained this level of Warrior Impeccability without lifetimes of strict training, followed by decades of devoted practice this life, is a person who is extremely unlikely to ever attain this ability. It is actually impossible for the ego to either have or even to understand the many simultaneous dimensions of consciousness involved. Even attempting to enter many spaces with any ego at all would be unimaginably dangerous.

A few clues as to the nature of such events may be included in this section. One such event is that of Essence Retrieval, 1000 times more powerful than Soul Retrieval.

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