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Environmental Exorcism printed in Prana Magazine, Rio de Janeiro, January 2002
by Rowland Barkley

Environmental Exorcism Background
Shadow TransformationThe world situation at the moment does not make sense if you just look at the news to work out what is going on. Most human behaviour is simply a mechanical repetition recorded in morphogenetic fields that are created from past events. With discliplined application of Shamanic techniques, it is possible to wake up individuals from that group nightmare. It is urgent that enough people soon become conscious enough to secure the future survival of this planet from a human perspective.

We need to clear these negative recordings that dictate mass human behaviour. This layer contains the undigested energy of millennia of past wars an social conflicts and oppressive political systems.

From a 22nd Century Shamanic perspective, Earth is surrounded by a holographic layer or dark matrix, rather like a large eggshell. This is constructed from past conditioned beliefs about the world. These beliefs include "I am not good enough to change this", "you cannot change the government", "all politicians are the same" and every other belief that limits your own power to create your world exactly as you want it to be. This layer contains the undigested energy of millennia of past wars and social conflicts and oppressive political systems.

ExorcismMost people's lives consists of acting out the scripts of this layer, and most never free themselves enough to experience how good life can be if you wake up out of this very outdated system of conflicts. When people watch the "news" on television, they often think that is what is going on, never realizing that the "news" is a tiny selected fragment of events.

Gurdjieff and Ouspensky referred to "mechanical man" and thought it took 20 and more years to wake up out of the conditioning. We may not have 20 years left, so now we have to wake up faster.

In Australia, Buck kangaroos fight viciously for territory and females. Dogs urinate on walls to mark that they own territory. When humans have fights with guns and bombs over territory, they are exercising precisely the same instinctive behaviour as dogs urinating on walls. It is getting ridiculous to have this instinct directing guns and bombs. The mere idea of televised war is silly. We need to wake people up and get more people healing the planet.

You came here because you want to change something

Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

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