Discover and Unleash Your Genius

Even though you may not feel like you are a genius, every person has a unique way of looking at the world and solving problems.  In most cases, you will find that your special way of doing things is truly the best way for you to obtain the lifestyle that you want.  Unfortunately, the interface between individual and society often sets guidelines and restraints that make it difficult to recognize and make use of genius solutions.  When you attend the Pathways to Genius Workshop led by Rowland Barkley, you will have access to all of the tools you need to discover and work effectively with your greatest talents.

The Importance of Gaining Access to Past Geniuses

BreakthroughEven though you may not know much about physics or music, it is vital to be able to understand how Einstein, Beethoven, and other geniuses worked with their gifts.  In many cases, you will find that their methods can be used as a model that will help you work with your gifts in a more efficient and beneficial way.  As an example, Einstein often played a fiddle while thinking about formulas to describe the nature of the universe and energy systems.  Perhaps it is no accident that tribal shamans often use all kinds of musical instruments when they are working to help others gain wellness.  In a similar way, you may want to see if working with some type of artistic tool will help you work your way through all kinds of issues.

Unfortunately, if you do not have access to genius models, it will be difficult for you to recognize the patterns of activity and thinking that will work best for you. As you progress through the Pathways to Genius workshop, you will learn how to access all of this information.  You will also develop your capacity to compare different methods of working with your inner gifts, so that you can find the best model for any given moment and situation.

You Were Created as a Genius for an Important Reason

Drum LessonToday, many people feel that all of the most powerful discoveries have already been illuminated by past geniuses.  At the same time, there is no such thing as a static state of affairs.  Therefore, as we progress through time, there is a constant need for geniuses to discover and light the way forward.

Irregardless of your career and lifestyle choices, it is crucial to gain access to your genius potential.  Aside from improving your own life, you ability to think and work creatively is your most powerful gift to society and the human consciousness.   Even if you do not occupy a position of authority, the way you live your life still impacts everyone else, and their future.

Once you know how to manage your own genius abilities, you will be in a better position to help your children.  In many cases, this can mean the difference between raising a child that will wind up homeless, and one that will go on to achieve greatness in any field that he/she chooses.  This includes the visual, written, and auditory arts, as well as the science, medicine, and law.  Without a question, you and the rest of the world are better served by a child that grows up to be a concert musician or a doctor as opposed to someone that pursues a life of crime, addiction, or other types of destructive activities.

As a parent, you serve as one of the two primary models of genius in your child's life.   Therefore, as they grow and develop, they will seek to use these methods to harness and work with their own unique characteristics.  Unfortunately, if you tend to shut out creativity, your children will also lose vital tools that could have been used to help them survive and do well in their own timeline.  While it may be difficult to accept that your child will not always  make the same choices as you would in specific situations, it is important to understand that no two situations are exactly alike, and therefore, the pathway through them should not be a rote response.

Today, many people have subjugated their unique and special way of looking at the world in favor of following the majority viewpoints.  Unfortunately, when you block off your own genius insights, you will find that it takes much more effort to achieve your goals.  At the same time, passing this unhealthy lifestyle choice on to your children only serves to propagate a cycle that ultimately harms you, your children, and everyone else in society.  That said, today you can enroll in Rowland Barkley's Pathways to Genius workshop and begin the vital process of discovering and harnessing your inner genius for the benefit of yourself and others.

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