Curing Group Think and Compulsive Empathy with Implant Clearing

Even though it is important to live within certain social rules, there are times when being in a group of people can affect your ability to make choices as an individual. In a similar way, if you are empathic, you may feel that it is impossible to be free of the pain and suffering experienced by others. While the two situations may appear to be very different, both may be caused by implants. It is to your advantage to have these foreign restrictions on your energy and actions removed as soon as possible. Fortunately, Rowland Barkley's Implant Clearing Therapy can help you achieve this goal.

Protecting Yourself from Mass Hysteria with Implant Clearing Therapy

Rowland DoubledrumChances are, you have heard of situations where one person screams “fire”, and everyone in the area will try to get away as quickly as possible. During the process of trying to escape, even normally polite people may shove, kick, and cause all kinds of harm to anyone that gets in their way. In a similar way, implants seeded within individuals can create a similar effect on the human consciousness. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know which person carries an implant that will have such harmful consequences. At the same time, these implants can still be safely and reliably removed by Rowland before they cause a problem.

For the most part, you may think of an implant as something to be afraid of. That said, once you realize what it is made up of, you may soon realize that it was only harmful while you left it in place. As an example, many implants are caused by events that happened to your ancestors. You may even find that the actual event required some type of large scale united group action. At the same time, the ensuing panic and destruction may have caused the energy to pass through the generations in an effort to seek release.

Irregardless of the type of implant that you carry, it is important to get help with removing it from your system. Among other things, being able to maintain control of your own responses in a group is very important. As you become more conscious and alert, it can also help you find constructive ways to deal with harmful aspects of society. Consider a situation where you know that driving a gas guzzling vehicle is harmful. Unfortunately, the implants created by peer pressure may force you to buy a large vehicle that you cannot afford.

This can have enormous implications in everything from drug addiction to warfare and human rights violations. When you work on implant clearing with Rowland, you will soon discover how removing implants will improve your life, as well as the world around you. You may even find that you want to undergo special training in order to help others achieve the same goal.

Living as a Pain Free Empath

Power AnimalToday, many spiritual healers commonly find themselves experiencing a transferal of symptoms from the person they are treating. As an example, if the patient has wrist pain, an empathic healer will soon experience the same pain in their own wrist. While it is important for the healer to have a means of sensing if treatment is working or not, this style of empathy can be both debilitating and destructive.

In most cases, you may be told that you need to learn how to shield yourself properly. Unfortunately, no external shield will be of help if something inside of you is triggering the pain. As an example, if you were a powerful healer in a past life, you may have accepted some kind of implant in order to keep certain secrets. Without a question, if you experience pain each time you use your abilities, you will be less likely to release information about specific techniques.

Over the years, Rowland Barkley has successfully removed all kinds of implants. These include ones generated by ancestral ties, as well as ones caused by events in this lifetime. As societies grow closer together, there is no question that each person has more of an effect on a wider range of people. Therefore, it is to your advantage to do what you can to make sure that your effect on the human consciousness is as positive as possible. This necessitates a mind free from “mental computer viruses”, and therefore effective implant clearing is an important part of this process.

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