Curing Disease with Personality Integration

Do you have a naggy, contradictory voice in your head each time you crave a candy bar?  Chances are, if you stop and listen to your mental chatter, you will find a few distinct personalities.  While modern psychiatry may feel that this is normal as long as you personality is reasonably consistent, all those voices can still contribute to disease.  In many cases, Rowland Barkley has helped others achieve miraculous cures simply by directing them to tune in and listen to the voice of their illness.

Personality Integration and Pre-Emptive Medicine

Soul IntegrationAside from the aging process, many people believe that illness is part of aging.  While these people may realize that emotional and spiritual trauma cause enormous changes, they may not realize that the buildup of these events also creates all kinds of illness.  As an example, cancer can result from a personality that appears whole to a psychiatrist, but has actually been divided into interdependent entities.

Unfortunately, as these personality fragments progress through time, they will each have a different view, or interpretation of lifetime events.  Eventually, you will hear the “naggy little voice” that differs from your main idea or intent.  Without a question, if you feel confused about whether or not to have a bar of candy, your physical body will feel even more confused.  Among other things, each of these fragments may well send different and conflicting neural and hormonal signals to the same parts of your body.  From this perspective, it should come as no surprise that your cells will break down faster, and have a harder time carrying out basic functions.

Irregardless of any other factor in your life, personality integration is the most important thing you can do to ensure future good health.  Even if you are in perfect health now, it is crucial to learn how to listen to your internal chatter and re-integrate any areas that need it.  You may even find that pursuing this process will naturally lead to taking better care of yourself.  This may include smoking cessation without withdrawal symptoms, eating a healthier diet, and taking up a solid exercise program.

It is important to realize that personality integration may not be easy to accomplish without having someone walk you through the process the first time.  Fortunately, when you study Personality Integration with Rowland, he will help unify your personality fragments, as well as show you how to maintain wholeness.  Without a question, you will be amazed at the lasting and beneficial changes that will result from this therapy.

Reintegrating after Illness Manifests

Drum ThroneUnfortunately, once illness sets in, it may become very difficult for you to devote the time and energy to isolating the voice of your disease.  Among other things, once the disease begins to overtake the strongest of your personality fragments, it will be impossible to deny its presence.  At the same time, trying to access the alienated fragment can be like meeting a perfect stranger.  Finally, things that you have learned about your condition will only make it seem like it originates from some place other than within. 

When you work with Rowland, he will address these issues using a range of tools.  Even though you may have a fragmented personality, he will still be able to look at your essence at the holographic level.  In this place, he will be able to see the imprint of your original wholeness.  From there, he will be able to see the energetic signature of what caused the fractures, and help you address them.

Aside from helping you cure purely physical diseases, personality integration can help you with many other issues.  In particular, once you are able to approach your life from a position of internal unity, you will be better able to see opportunities for abundance, love, and happiness.  Without a question, this will also contribute to your long term ability to maintain good health.

Magic FingersEven though modern medicine has achieved many things, very few practitioners take advantage of unifying a person's entire essence in the process of fighting disease.   Rowland's experience in this field has shown time and again that the disintegrated personality is the major cause of disease; and in turn, integration is the principal cure.    If you think of yourself as one piece in the larger human consciousness, you can easily see where a unified self will benefit the whole.  At the very least, you can think of it in purely financial terms, and recognize that good health is much more affordable than being sick

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