Life after Activation! of your Personal Potential
Ending Internal Conflict with Deep Shadow Transformation 

Karma SpiralAfter attending Rowland Barkley's Activation! of your Personal Potential workshops, you will have the energy, motivation and renewed life force required to accomplish the work you need to do in order to get back onto your lifepath. In particular, it is vital to do what you can to help others reduce the conflicts that reduce happiness, well being, and abundance.  This will entail developing an expanded set of skills, as well as ensuring that you are in an optimal condition to perform this kind of work.  Fortunately, Rowland offers seminars and workshops that will help you obtain these tools.  In particular, you may be interested in focusing on Deep Shadow Transformation as an extension of your work with body language realignment.

Extending Activation! of your Personal Potential Transformation

Global Energy ReferralLiberating your full potential often involves identifying and integrating hidden, or shadow aspects of your creativity.  Interestingly enough, even a person that is aware of a particular creative talent may still suffer from conflicts with others in society.  As a result, many creative people still require the assistance of externally induced trances in order to step more fully into their natural talents.

 Consider a situation where you enjoy painting, or even playing a musical instrument as a hobby.  Even though you may be able to create interesting and beautiful compositions, you may not feel that your work is good enough to base a career on.  In many cases, this internal conflict will only serve to increase the power of energetic implants, as well as create energetic shells that squander vital energy and resources.  You may find that this conflict will cause you to choose a job that is unpleasant, or even develop a mistrust of others.  As may be expected, the progression of this cycle will only serve to confirm that you need to suppress your most powerful genius impulses.     On the other hand, these drives may be the very ones that you need to succeed at a level that will be recognized by others.

Over the years, Rowland has helped fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, and writers reach their highest creative potential.  As you work with him, you will have the benefit of his experience, as well as his supportive and uplifting presence.  You may even find that some of your deepest, darkest nightmares and thoughts can be reframed into objects of beauty and benefit to society.

Helping Others Get Free

CommunityToday, many people feel that there is nothing in this universe can lift them out of illness, poverty, and unhappiness.  As a result, you can and will encounter people that will challenge your outlook, as well as reject any services that you may choose to provide.  Over time, these situations can decrease your sense of power, as well as make you feel less confident.   Unfortunately, if you think of these encounters as intentional attacks by monsters or demons, you will lose an enormous opportunity to help someone in need.  In many cases, recognizing and transforming shadow personalities and energies will be a key element of success. 

In some cases, the resistance you see in others will be reduced by the ability to present certificates, degrees, or other credentials that give some credible validation to your claims.   If you currently practice Reiki, or some other form of healing, the prevalence of certifications given by non-standard practitioners can weaken credibility of the entire group.  On the other hand, Rowland Barkley is a proven world recognized healer that has been developing teaching materials for over 30 years.  As a result, when you receive credentials from his school, you can be assured of a good standing.   Few other teachers will give you this crucial and powerful advantage. 

Creative ImpetusOnce you begin the process of connecting with your own creative source, you are bound to notice that others are suffering from all kinds of blockages in this area.  As a human being, it is natural to want to try and alleviate the suffering of others.  Typically, people that are in pain will reject healing, and thus continue to feed the cycle of conflict.  Fortunately, Rowland has created an additional series of transformational workshops that will give you the training required to help others in a way that is practical and efficient.   In particular, the Deep Shadow Transformation workshops will help you progress in your own healing, as well as contribute to your ability to help improve the lives of others.

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Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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