Ending Jealousy with Soul Force Integration

Soul IntegrationIndividuals that do not feel they need to make changes in their lives can be very jealous and hateful.  Oddly enough, individuals trying to make changes are every bit as likely to have the exact same problems.  As soon as you perceive a lack or advantage in comparison to someone else, jealousy sets in.  Perhaps even more interesting, the people you fear or hate the most are the ones that you are the most jealous of.

If you give it some thought, you will realize that you fear or hate individuals that appear to have more power over your life than you do.  This may include a boss, dominant family members, and even members of other social groups that you belong to.  Therefore, the emotions of fear and hatred are, in actuality, based in jealousy.

Fortunately, jealousy is not impossible to overcome.  The root of all jealousy comes down to something that you recognize as missing in yourself.  Since soul force integration returns you to a perfect form, achieving wholeness will also eradicate jealousy and hatred.  When you attend Rowland Barkley's Soul Force Integration workshops, you will be amazed at the way others in your life suddenly become less threatening or “hateful”. This will, essentially, serve as a mirror of your own newly found personality unification and spiritual wellness.

The Role of Jealousy in the Creation of Demons

Ganesh ExorcismAs you may be aware, most people are missing soul parts, and suffering from the consequences in every aspect of their life.  As you develop anger and hatred towards them, they are also likely to reciprocate based on areas of wholeness that you still maintain.  In many cases, this entire process leads labels such as “evil”, as well as many other words that basically come right back to fear of some other as having more power.  For the most part, ending the conflict will result in one or both of you casting “evil” elements of your soul away, or giving up your power to someone else.

In almost every case, if you read literature dedicated to getting rid of demons, you will soon recognize the multiple roles of jealousy.  Typically, the exorcist asserts the claim to greater authority, and then seeks to take power away from the demon.  If the demon is to truly be overcome, the exorcist must successfully return a specific level of “control”, or soul fragment to the individual that is “possessed”.  As may be expected, this complete jumble of methods often fails, because of a lack of understanding about what is actually going on.

When you work with Rowland Barkley, the process of retrieving and integrating your soul fragments will get rid of the “demons”, and keep them away until you experience new untreated soul fractures.  Fortunately, Rowland will also provide you with the necessary tools to prevent new breakages, as well as repair any new ones that might occur.  Today, you have an opportunity for wholeness and wellness that has not been available for thousands of years.  You do not need to suffer from severe, let alone mild forms of “possession” when Rowland's workshops are so enjoyable and useful.

Using Jealousy as a Positive Force in the World

Energetic LiberationOnce you recognize jealousy, fear, and even possession as mirrors of what is missing in your own life, you can set about correcting the problem.  Typically, you will not recognize a “lack” if you did not originally have that aspect as part of your own perfect soul.   In the majority of cases, you may have “given away” this part of you to someone else, either in this lifetime, or some other.  Having power equal to what someone else has is as simple as taking back what was originally yours.  Because these elements of you do not belong to anyone else, you can take them back without doing any harm.  Typically, Rowland will negotiate on your behalf to get your soul fragments back, and also make arrangements with you that ensure this aspect of your essence does not splinter off again. 

When you regain wholeness, the lives of others will improve because they are no longer overshadowed by energies that are alien to them.  When you work with Rowland, you will appreciate his ability to provide a safe, supportive environment for your healing.  Regardless of how much jealousy and hatred you have inside, you can heal the world with it in ways you never dreamed possible.  In fact, you may even find that your worst aspects are the ones most suited to healing everyone else.  All you will need to do is become whole yourself in order to make the world a perfect place.

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