Archetypal Energy Healing "Prosperous Mind" Initiation
Activation II: Implementing your Dreams

Friday 19h00 to 22h00
Saturday and Sunday 09h00 a 18h00

Major BreakthoughActivation II "How to implement your dreams" is a deeply challenging and transformational weekend. There is little theory, just experiential exercises using energetic tools that generate multidimensional changes, opening capacities for implementing your dreams.....

During this training, you will discover 12 important qualities necessary for success in your life. This is your opportunity to develop these qualities as natural tools supporting your life projects

Twelve Qualities of the Success Personality developed in Activation II training:

  • Know and use the difference between Business and personal relationships
  • Dissolve “victim” and “loser” Petrified Postures, choose to be a Winner
  • Setting Yourself Assignments with money potential as your feedback
  • Developing an automatic profit response, a personal special reason that you believe in for charging a profit
  • Maintaining a high Energy level
  • Applying Human Chess, finding a need fulfilling activity that creates you money
  • Developing realistic competitiveness competing for real rewards
  • Acquiring a personal touch with people
  • Making things real and important: putting the life-force into your project
  • Generosity creates generosity
  • Becoming sensitive to Signals: use real-time feedback loops to orient by success
  • Maintaining Winning Habits

Activation II clears victim, sacrificial and dysfunctional petrified imprints that impede your profit-making potential from your mental, emotional, and visceral minds. As a result of this initiatory weekend, your body energy fields will radiate new levels of positive energy animating your life projects.

Techniques are taught for continued self liberation to use in your daily life.

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The Rapid Personal Revolution Series

Short, Intense, Challenging, Effective and Life-Changing Mini-Workshops
Led by Master Dreamwalking Metaphysician and NLP Trainer Rowland Barkley
Location: These workshops spontaneously appear on the rare occasions when we have time to present them.

In each workshop, you will have the opportunity, for only € 45, in just three hours, to make one revolutionary improvement to your work efficiency, emotional stability, and success in your relationships. Each Mini-workshop gives you one significant tool to continue using to make your life better. Each mini-workshop is limited to 70 participants

Personal Revolutions Available
Keys to creating your future
Active Imagery: a Totally Right-brained Approach to Health and Energy
Tools for Dealing with Difficult People
Repatterning the Body Energy Field
How to wake up Happy
Increase your Animal Power

Personal Revolution #1
Keys to creating your future
Some people appear to be blessed by success, and others appear to attract difficulties. Often this simply means they have not learned how the major cause of their future is their own future Timeline, and how to put what they want on this Timeline. The full Holographic Timeline training is an intense six days. Yet in “Keys to Creating Your Future”, in just three hours most people clearly experience their letting go of one past negative emotion, letting go of one past limiting belief about themselves, and creating one great future event in their life.

Then you leave the room and step into the future you are attracting for yourself.....

Personal Revolution #2
Active Imagery: a Totally Right-brained Approach to Health and Energy
Warning: this workshop is highly effective, and therefore must be highly non-linear. Your “logical” thinking faculties are better left outside the room. You will learn how “Activated Imagery” is used by the Unsconscious mind to create improvements in your health, increase your vital energy, and attract “good luck.”

Many geniuses of the past had this secret, and you can learn it also.....

Personal Revolution #3
Tools for Dealing with Difficult People
This workshop is only for those rare people with the unusual courage to admit that problems are really not so serious!

As Shakespeare said “Life is a stage, and we are the actors.” We will gain Direct Experience of the situation that most people cannot face learning. That situation is that we never can know, and do not need to know, who is “the cause of the problem”. What we absolutely must know, to avoid the majority of relationship problems of the world, is how to use our own body language to bring out something better in those that appear in our lives

Would you like those around you to suddenly appear to have changed for the better?

Personal Revolution #4
Repatterning the Body Energy Field
If somebody carries an unconscious sign in their Body Energy Field that says “hit me!”, other people tend to hit them. Others carry around with them an unconscious sign “I deserve great luck” and as a result, others treat them well. You will experience, in just three hours, how to activate the “reset button” in your body’s electrical field. You can take this technique to take home with you, to use on your own whenever you need to use it.

Use the “Reformat Electrical Field” technique in your life to clear headaches, dissolve poor self-image, increase your energy level and ............

Personal Revolution #5
How to wake up Happy
Physical and emotional characteristics when born can have major influences through your life. A group of people also is imprinted at the time of the foundation of the group. And your day is imprinted with how you wake up! You will learn, in just three hours, the secret of waking up happy, more motivated, and how to work more efficiently.

Get more success into your daily life, utilizing less energy while getting more done………

Personal Revolution #6
Increase your Animal Power
Learn to feel like a winner! When people get into conflicts, the reality is that negative animal body language is evoking the conflicting energy, and to “explain” the conflict, intellectual constructions are invented after the conflict. In this mini-workshop, we will explore how to create positive body language utilizing animal imagery, in order to evoke positive energetic responses in others.

Would you like others to mysteriously behave better toward you, giving positive support to your point of view?

Survival Skills for the 21st Century
Archetype Negotiation Method Training
with Rowland Anton Barkley,  the Personal Competence Metaphysician

Do you suffer from a lack of emotional and material abundance? 

Global Energy ReferralThe Archetype Negotiation Method is a means of learning to introduce resources of nature into you life, and into the lives of your clients.  Instead of being treated like a broken machine, you will have an opportunity to discover your own unique energy utilization patterns in order to generate success. Archetype Negotiation Method Training will help you step into your hidden, yet natural shining intelligence, charisma, and creativity.

As you proceed through the workshops, you will develop the disciplines needed to hold holographic space with the power of Love.  This will permit you to be the catalyst for powerful, rapid, and permanent evolution in those around you.  Your clients will continue succeeding in their lives, beyond any technical explanation for how this is happening.

Why Not Take a Test Drive?
Heal Yourself with These Methods before Using Them on Others

Archetype Negotiation Method Training workshops are open to all healing professionals, medical or alternative.   Now is the time to master multiple trance states in order to activate the power of healing in yourself and your clients.  Expect to experience deep multi-level personal transformation. 

Some of the skills you will learn include:

  • recover soul elements and energies trapped in past events
  • free yourself from the limiting belief systems of others
  • be present here and now, in order to experience the best of what life has to offer
  • unlearn patterns of behavior that create problems
  • build new patterns that improve the chances of success
  • invoke beneficial states in others

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Archetype Negotiation Method level 1:
Holographic Timeline Healing: Therapeutic Soul Integration

Timeline ClearingDid you know most people squander 99% of their energy and resources on beliefs inherited from other people?  Much of this power is misused as a result of fearing the possibility that a past problem or negative event will reoccur. Holographic Timeline Therapy retrieves your attention from the past, thus making your life happier and more productive in the present.
In the first two days of Holographic Timeline healing, you will

  • Take control of your consciousness and emotional well being
  • Learn how to stay centered within 4 archetypal states of consciousness
  • Keep yourself strong and protected during the healing process
  • Learn how to induce rapid healing trances in your clients

In the next 4 days, you will learn the basics of Holographic Timeline Healing.  This training emphasizes special techniques developed by Rowland Barkley that are based on ancient Shamanic healing techniques. These methods will help you:

  • Routinely heal emotional problems and limiting belief systems that cause many physical problems for your clients
  • Heal traumas incurred at the soul level as well as during past lives, past generations, pre-birth trauma, and present lifetime damages.
  • Assist your clients with making direct access to holographic recordings of past events, as well as understand the experience of all participants or co-creators of the trauma.
  • Learn how to recover the client’s soul from past events. This will rapidly increase their success in life, by the creation of positive future timelines.

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 2:
Deep Therapeutic Trances Training
Prerequisite:  Archetype Negotiation Method Level One

Free Your Creative Power by Exploring Your Light and Dark Sides

Deep TrancesEach day, people invest an enormous amount of energy trying to hide or do away with aspects of self that are less than perfect.  As you look at these “dark” sides of yourself with love and compassion, you will experience exponential leaps in creativity and vitality.

Deep Transformational Trance skills will enable you to:

  • Initiate trance states in yourself and your client
  • Reveal and harness innate self healing potentials in your clients.
  • Enable clients to feel more creative and protected in their  life
  • Connect to the Deep Instinctive Mind,  soul, and environment
  • Expand fields of awareness to include power animals and other images.

Because people tend to wear energetic masks, they tend to influence how others respond. When these holograms include limiting belief structures, they can wreak havoc for individuals as well as society. During this workshop, you will learn to identify these masks, as well as use Alchemical Shamanism to transmute them into more beneficial energies.

In the final two days of the workshop, you will develop advanced Holographic Timeline Healing skills. These include:

  • Life Matrix Repatterning
  • Healing families and whole groups, in person  or at a distance
  • Past/Future Soul Integration.

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 3:
Deep Shadow Transformation: Deobsession for Therapists
Prerequisites: Archetype Negotiation Method Levels One and Two

Shadow TransformationYou need to know how to deal with ego fragments, energetic patterns, and belief packages borrowed from others. 

If you wish to help your clients achieve long-lasting results, you will first need to have a full and powerful level of personal integration.  Typically, this will manifest itself in a way that naturally invites clients to venture deeply into their own shadows in order to release them.   These workshops will help you:

  • Integrate your own personality and work effectively with your dark side
  • Attain a  significant level of expertise in the subject of non-oppositional Exorcism
  • Dissolve identities you created to deal with past issues, thus freeing your full potential for current work. This includes “alienating thought patterns” that attract “alien” energies.
  • Learn dissolution of imprinted negative  soul patterns passed on through the generations
  • Free yourself and your clients of energetic patterns released from the mother's emotional body and unconscious mind during natal development.
  • Become a living example of integration that prevents   possession from foreign thoughts and energies.

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 4:
Activated Neurolinguistics

Prerequisites: To receive the Master NLP Practitioner Certificate, students must have successfully completed Archetype Negotiation Method Levels one, two and three. Other students may be accepted onto the course having completed any basic training with Rowland Barkley, and will receive the Activated Neurolinguistic provisional certificate.

Activated NeurolinguisticsEven though most of our waking hours are occupied by taking up body postures, communicating, and using energies, non-optimized awareness can often lead to an enormous amount of limitation.  During the Activated Neurolinguistics training workshop, you will acquire the abilities necessary to increase your range of personal choices for daily activities, as well as how you feel about them.  As you consider the limitless options for reaching any goal, you will also discover the path to achieving them in an efficient and competent manner.  Some of the skills you will develop include:

  • Entering powerful and positive states of consciousness 
  • Be focused in what you do in life
  • Change  unwanted automatic reactions in yourself and others
  • Model the genius of others, and transfer to your own actions
  • Learn how all your client's problems already include the  resources to solve the problems
  • Use “Sleight of  Mouth” patterns to explode the boundaries of problems, in  therapeutic, social, and business situations
  • Learning  from your Future Self  how to solve today's problems
  • Teach clients how to heal themselves of incurable  illnesses
  • Learn how to work with values  so that you and others spend life much more happily and productively
  • Help your clients expand their possibilities and create their own excellent choices. 

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 5:
Forces of the Universe as applied to Archetype Negotiation Method
Prerequisites:  Archetype Negotiation Method Levels One, Two, and three.

A healing energy shift is marked by the establishment of beneficial new internal experiential imagery patterns. 

Nature ForcesAs a result of directly experiencing the basic energy matrices of the universe, this workshop will help you develop a deeper, amplified range of therapeutic flexibility.   This module builds on the “Holographic Timeline Healing” and “Deep Trances Training” workshops in which participants experience the four archetypes that need to be experienced simultaneously   in order to remain energetically flexible, yet stable and centered. During this workshop you will:

  •  Learn how to communicate energetically with the various personality aspects of clients, much as an orchestra conductor communicates with his orchestra. Access these matrices in order to achieve success, wellness, and passion for living.
  • Achieve high speed problem resolution skill by means of the reconnecting both therapies and clients to the appropriate resources that are always available in nature.
  • Explore the Odus of Ifa model, an ancient mapping of the basic 256 energy patterns of the universe.
  • Make use of Experiential Imagery models as they are used in Shamanic systems.

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: Archetype Negotiation Method Level 6:
Liberation MasteryMaster Archetype Negotiation Guide

This course is by invitation only, and requires an ethics agreement to ensure that these potent tools are only used to help others.

Most contents of this training are confidential.

  • How to heal situations that were are inherited across generations, yet often labeled as insanity
  • How to access the special skills that  created master musicians and artists
  • Advanced Environmental  Healing
  • How to initiate any state of consciousness in anybody.

Soul Force Integration Workshop:
Training for Emotional Stability

Soul IntegrationDo you feel that traditional psychotherapy is not helping you recover your sense of wholeness and passion for living? 

Medications will not fill the spiritual voids that caused the initial problem.  You can obtain this healing from an experiential soul force integration workshop. 

The Core Issue: When soul aspects include wounds created by emotional trauma or self-negation, other energies enter.

Loss of soul parts can also cause an individual to attract others who are also empty, thus forming co-dependent relationships. When you achieve wholeness, you will naturally attract profound and healthy relationships.  Soul Force Retrieval is a valuable Shamanic tool that can help you achieve love and happiness. 

Personality IntegrationWhat is the Soul Force Integration Workshop and what will it do for me?

When you are secure in your wholeness, you will cease to attract problems. 

The Soul Force Integration Workshop encompasses a wide range of shamanic and visionary tools to help you gain empowerment and completeness.  Many former students report a new feeling completeness, as well able to make use of new capabilities to build better and happier lives.

During the Soul Force Integration Workshop, you will learn to:

  • Deprogram habitual traumatic responses and heal old emotional wounds,
  • Reintegrate dissociated parts of your personality,
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Recover self-confidence and rid yourself of external energy forms.

Some of the Techniques you will learn include:

  • “Deep Mirroring” techniques for healing yourself and others without sacrificing safety of the environment and all other participants.
  • Animal, Healer, and Accountant reunification: Undo the loss of connection between diverse internal aspects to heal depression, slow recovery from illness, and loss of vitality.
  • Energy Field Integration Technique - Learn how to move out of negative emotions, restore self confidence, and be a positive influence on the rest of the world.
  • Enter altered states of consciousness in order to find soul parts lost by your clients; as well as successfully negotiate for their return
  • Journey to discover uses for your newly integrated personal resources

When you are complete, nothing can touch you. 

3-day Workshop presented by Rowland Barkley
Australian Master Shaman - NLP Trainer - creator of “Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing
Pre-requisite: Willingness to wake up and live, and make new friends that will support your success.

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Archetypal Energy Healing 2009

Awaken your energetic potential and connect each aspect of your personal power to source.

Energetic LiberationThese workshops are suitable for healers and therapists wishing to expand their abilities, as well as for any who are willing to have a healing influence on the environment, irregardless of daily profession.  Because so many changes result from the Archetypal Energy Healing workshops, we found it best to create a Practitioner Level course, and a Master's Level course.  In these transformational workshops, you will

Practitioner Level:

  • Reconnect with your personal power
  • Reactivate your instinctive skills for rapidly clearing emotional and energetic blocks in yourself and others
  • Re-energize your body, boost your immune system, and transform your life.

Master Level:

  • Learn how to combine instincts with intelligence, discipline, and true compassion for others
  • Share in the joy of helping others find wellness and abundance in their own lives

Using techniques created by Rowland Barkley, blending ancient Shamanism and modern Qantum realities, you will explore and access knowledge available at different levels of your body, Instinctive Mind, and Higher Self.  This is a unique opportunity to break the chains that bind you to "modern" limiting beliefs about aging, illness and stress.  As you progress, you will rediscover an inner fountain of healing and creative abilities.

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First Vital Key: Open the way and Nurture your Life Path

Do You Know How to Use the Principles of Triangulation and Dynamic Spiral Healing? 

Power AnimalIf not, you may not know the fastest and most reliable ways to heal yourself and others.  This is your special opportunity to learn how to harness the basic archetypal energies that exist within your daily life, human relationships, and all of nature.   Essentially, you will learn how to engage each of the four aspects of healing in a way that brings you and your client into harmony with nature. 

Some benefits of  learning these powerful and time tested healing methods include:

Practitioner Level:

Before you can heal others, it is crucial to be well, integrated, and whole yourself.   This module is specifically designed to initiate you into the process of achieving the state of being required to fulfill this goal.  You will also be introduced to some of the tools and modalities that will be explored fully at the master level.

  • Learn the “Emotional Liberation Technique”  This stunning method will allow you  release negative framing of your experiences, past, present, and future at any moment in your life
  • Heal yourself, your financial situation,  and others safely using Deep Mirroring. 

Master Level:

  • Restore crucial access to the forces of nature, guardian forces, and your power animals.  You will be amazed by your increased energy, vitality, sense of well being, and success in relationships.
  • Activation of  the Living Forces of Nature present in your healing hands
  • Enhance your relationships and professional success by honoring the interplay of archetypal forces in Self and in the behavior of others
These initiations will activate your ability to heal yourself, others and relationships using the dynamic forces of nature.

Second Vital Key:  Healing at the level of the Fractal Matrix

The Truth Is Simple: You Really Are All There Is in the Universe

Purple FlameNow, more than ever, it is crucial to Breakthrough! the Illusion of Isolation.  In this and other modules of Archetypal Energy Healing training, you will see how healing yourself involves understanding yourself as all that is.  This holistic and integrated outlook frees whole family system of negative patterns generated across time.  Other benefits include:

Practitioner Level:

Before you can integrate into a whole being, you must recognize your primary and true self as unique from all of the attachments and recordings that frequently come from other people.    This module is designed to enable you to meet your true self and explore all the incredible things you did not even know existed within.

Master Level:

  • Learn how to Invoke deep changes by integrating personality parts.  Recognize the collection of copied personality elements, each of which is partly you, and partly someone else. Integration dissolves what is not yours, thus enabling your true self to shine forth.
  • Increase Higher Self communication  Re-align your life to the purpose you were born for
  • Remote Healing Techniques: Learn techniques that help the environment, friends, Family, and others across any “distance”.

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Third Vital Key:  Integrate and Harness Your Dark Side

Get Free of the Biggest Demon of All Time with Ease and Efficiency

ExorcismExorcism is not necessarily a matter of getting rid of an external energy from someone or some thing else.  Rather, it is a process of freeing self from ego copies of others that exist in our mind. By releasing false egos we created to represent ourselves, we can free up wasted energy, as well as gain Direct Access to the power of our own deeper Self.   With liberation training, you become a living example of psychic self defense through integration, balance, and healthy living. 

Some methods you will learn include:

Practitioner Level:

  • How to Recognize and Clear Genetic and Other Types of  Electrical Field Implants.  Dissolve energetic blocks, obsessions, knots, self-doubts, and emotional limitations caused by past failures.  These are usually co-created energy forms that outlive their purpose; and only serve to cause harm to relationships and personal health.  This process will liberate you from one of the most common causes of illness in the human race.  You will regain energy trapped in these shells, as well as failed past efforts in order to solve current problems.
  • Release egos of “Dead People” This includes live people with whom our relationship has died.  Essentially, you will “clear the cast” of characters from your emotional body that have been dumped, lost, borrowed, or stolen from others
  • Redirect past life and ancestral impulses  Learn how to rechannel the past into useful actions here and now.

Master Level:

The unique, creative differences between each person can also manifest unique expressions of energetic issues.  Therefore, if you want to help others, additional training is required to help you diagnose key energy patterns, as well as maintain your focus in a way that is helpful to yourself and your client.

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Fourth Vital Key:  Meet and Work at Source

If you already know problems are best handled at their source, why waste so much time on indirect action? 

SystemicDid you know each aspect of your reality is created in an infinite Matrix of Personal Creation?

One of the most powerful aspects of Shamanic Trance journeys is they open access to this matrix. All beneficial living patterns and effective Healing require the ability to recognize multiple timelines generated at this point, as well as act as conductor to a harmonious orchestra.  

This module will teach you how to remain focused on healing problems at their point of origin. As you un-create problems at this level, you will also learn how to seed future successes.  In particular, you will come to learn why all effective therapy heals at the systemic level, rather than at the personal one.  Some methods you will learn include:

Practitioner Level

  • Holographic Healing: Energetic Clearing at the level where our mind influences how others  relate to us
  • Multi-Level healing
  • Personal and Group Soul Retrieval: recover lost motivation and emotional abilities
  • Systemic Group Healing: Negotiating at the Higher Self Level, where we create our experiences
  • Exploring seeds of the Superconscious, Conscious, Preconscious, and Instinctive minds within the Higher Self

 Master Level

Today, many people believe that simply sending their intentions out for the “highest good” of others is sufficient.  At the same time, discipline and intelligence are two valuable tools that must be developed and utilized for responsible and beneficial healing of personal and global issues.  The master level of this module will focus on helping you hone these tools and use them in a powerful new way.

Archetypal Energy Healing has been created under constant and dedicated development for over 30 years, by Rowland Anton Barkley, Master Shaman and NLP Trainer, and now has finally been released as a professional training.  This powerful system is built on a principle of nature that indicates  the highest level of existence is encoded into the smallest of the parts.  This State-of-the-Art Holographic healing method gives you access to universal principles that function across time, as well as some of the most powerful forces in nature.  By becoming an Archetypal Energy Healer, you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that you are competent to assist in the rapid awakening of those who are ready to experience freedom, and participate in implementing positive visions on Earth.

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Archetypal Energy Healing Course Structure and Timeframe

Karma SpiralThe full training, up to the Provisional Master Practitioner level, is taught at three levels over sixteen experientially intense days.  As these are deep personal transformational experiences, in many cases it will be advisable to attend more than once to complete your healing process.

Level one: YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! Two days
This weekend workshop is the recommended prerequisite to all Rowland Barkley Courses
Level two: Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner (7 days)
Level three: Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner (7 days)

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Requirements for recognized Professional Healer Status:
Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner, Professional

  1. Completion of Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner and Master levels
  2. Special training only possible to be received by advanced assistants in training.
  3. Present notes from at least 100 hours of session work
  4. Written test
  5. 3-day advanced presentation and graduation training.

Helaer Professional graduates will have the right to:

  1. Print the Barkley Archetype Negotiation Method logo on their advertising and business cards
  2. Represent to the public that they are professionally trained in Archetypal Energy Healing
  3. Join the Archetype Negotiation professional society who will list their practice on the Internet
  4. Apply to join the Teacher Training program to teach Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing to the Practitioner level

Requirements for recognized Professional Teaching Status:
Archetypal Energy Healing Trainer

  • Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner
  • Complete the “Archetype Negotiation Method” training series, up to Module 5 (each is 1 week training)
  • Complete the Activated Neurolinguistics Training with Rowland Barkley, and assist 100 of Barkley Archetype Mediation courses
  • Receive Initiation at the Archetype Negotiation teacher's level. This Initiation transfers abilities such as how to transmit knowledge to your students, and awaken healing abilities in them, by Broadbeam Telepathy

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