Archetypal Energy Healing "Prosperous Mind" Initiation
Activation II: Implementing your Dreams

Friday 19h00 to 22h00
Saturday and Sunday 09h00 a 18h00

Major BreakthoughActivation II "How to implement your dreams" is a deeply challenging and transformational weekend. There is little theory, just experiential exercises using energetic tools that generate multidimensional changes, opening capacities for implementing your dreams.....

During this training, you will discover 12 important qualities necessary for success in your life. This is your opportunity to develop these qualities as natural tools supporting your life projects

Twelve Qualities of the Success Personality developed in Activation II training:

  • Know and use the difference between Business and personal relationships
  • Dissolve “victim” and “loser” Petrified Postures, choose to be a Winner
  • Setting Yourself Assignments with money potential as your feedback
  • Developing an automatic profit response, a personal special reason that you believe in for charging a profit
  • Maintaining a high Energy level
  • Applying Human Chess, finding a need fulfilling activity that creates you money
  • Developing realistic competitiveness competing for real rewards
  • Acquiring a personal touch with people
  • Making things real and important: putting the life-force into your project
  • Generosity creates generosity
  • Becoming sensitive to Signals: use real-time feedback loops to orient by success
  • Maintaining Winning Habits

Activation II clears victim, sacrificial and dysfunctional petrified imprints that impede your profit-making potential from your mental, emotional, and visceral minds. As a result of this initiatory weekend, your body energy fields will radiate new levels of positive energy animating your life projects.

Techniques are taught for continued self liberation to use in your daily life.
The Rapid Personal Revolution Series

Short, Intense, Challenging, Effective and Life-Changing Mini-Workshops
Led by Master Dreamwalking Metaphysician and NLP Trainer Rowland Barkley
Location: These workshops spontaneously appear on the rare occasions when we have time to present them.

In each workshop, you will have the opportunity, for only € 45, in just three hours, to make one revolutionary improvement to your work efficiency, emotional stability, and success in your relationships. Each Mini-workshop gives you one significant tool to continue using to make your life better. Each mini-workshop is limited to 70 participants

Personal Revolutions Available
Keys to creating your future
Active Imagery: a Totally Right-brained Approach to Health and Energy
Tools for Dealing with Difficult People
Repatterning the Body Energy Field
How to wake up Happy
Increase your Animal Power

Personal Revolution #1
Keys to creating your future
Some people appear to be blessed by success, and others appear to attract difficulties. Often this simply means they have not learned how the major cause of their future is their own future Timeline, and how to put what they want on this Timeline. The full Holographic Timeline training is an intense six days. Yet in “Keys to Creating Your Future”, in just three hours most people clearly experience their letting go of one past negative emotion, letting go of one past limiting belief about themselves, and creating one great future event in their life.

Then you leave the room and step into the future you are attracting for yourself.....

Personal Revolution #2
Active Imagery: a Totally Right-brained Approach to Health and Energy
Warning: this workshop is highly effective, and therefore must be highly non-linear. Your “logical” thinking faculties are better left outside the room. You will learn how “Activated Imagery” is used by the Unsconscious mind to create improvements in your health, increase your vital energy, and attract “good luck.”

Many geniuses of the past had this secret, and you can learn it also.....

Personal Revolution #3
Tools for Dealing with Difficult People
This workshop is only for those rare people with the unusual courage to admit that problems are really not so serious!

As Shakespeare said “Life is a stage, and we are the actors.” We will gain Direct Experience of the situation that most people cannot face learning. That situation is that we never can know, and do not need to know, who is “the cause of the problem”. What we absolutely must know, to avoid the majority of relationship problems of the world, is how to use our own body language to bring out something better in those that appear in our lives

Would you like those around you to suddenly appear to have changed for the better?

Personal Revolution #4
Repatterning the Body Energy Field
If somebody carries an unconscious sign in their Body Energy Field that says “hit me!”, other people tend to hit them. Others carry around with them an unconscious sign “I deserve great luck” and as a result, others treat them well. You will experience, in just three hours, how to activate the “reset button” in your body’s electrical field. You can take this technique to take home with you, to use on your own whenever you need to use it.

Use the “Reformat Electrical Field” technique in your life to clear headaches, dissolve poor self-image, increase your energy level and ............

Personal Revolution #5
How to wake up Happy
Physical and emotional characteristics when born can have major influences through your life. A group of people also is imprinted at the time of the foundation of the group. And your day is imprinted with how you wake up! You will learn, in just three hours, the secret of waking up happy, more motivated, and how to work more efficiently.

Get more success into your daily life, utilizing less energy while getting more done………

Personal Revolution #6
Increase your Animal Power
Learn to feel like a winner! When people get into conflicts, the reality is that negative animal body language is evoking the conflicting energy, and to “explain” the conflict, intellectual constructions are invented after the conflict. In this mini-workshop, we will explore how to create positive body language utilizing animal imagery, in order to evoke positive energetic responses in others.

Would you like others to mysteriously behave better toward you, giving positive support to your point of view?

Archetypal Energy Healing Initiation level 1:
ACTIVATION! of your Realization Potential

Why wait to improve your health, stimulate motivation, and restore purpose in your life?   

waterfallThe Activation! workshop is for those who decide to break their major life barrier in this exact moment, opening up to express their power more deeply. Activate your power and discover your true self!

Now is the time to break the chains that restrict your ability to have all the best things in life.  ACTIVATION! is a carefully formulated  Immersion Experience workshop that is conducted in rooms filled with energies crucial for helping  you break  through obstacles that were encoded and accepted into your heart, mind, body and soul across time. 

Activation! is not a theoretical workshop, but a vital prerequisite for future Barkley personal enhancement training. You will Discover Yourself, learning to embrace and become the exciting process of living in ways that create magical and powerful transformations in yourself and your world. What you will change in one weekend is the most you can change, which is much more than you believe possible.

During this Activation! weekend you will:

  • Learn to have, know, and take charge of your own mind
  • Discover your unfiltered emotions
  • Evaluate your life with your own natural intelligence
  • Recognize and avoid habitual acts based on influences, energy fields, and negative belief systems of  other people and groups.
  • Free your inner potential and hidden powers

About the Trainer:
Rowland Anton Barkley is a Personal Competence Metaphysician. As a chiropractor and shaman, Rowland Barkley understands the complexity of having to navigate between conventional medical opinion and the deeper spiritual insights that trigger miraculous healing. He has developed several special techniques out of ancient secret Shamanic healing techniques.

Earth is awakening. Are You?
Soul Force Integration Workshop:
Training for Emotional Stability

Soul IntegrationDo you feel that traditional psychotherapy is not helping you recover your sense of wholeness and passion for living? 

Medications will not fill the spiritual voids that caused the initial problem.  You can obtain this healing from an experiential soul force integration workshop. 

The Core Issue: When soul aspects include wounds created by emotional trauma or self-negation, other energies enter.

Loss of soul parts can also cause an individual to attract others who are also empty, thus forming co-dependent relationships. When you achieve wholeness, you will naturally attract profound and healthy relationships.  Soul Force Retrieval is a valuable Shamanic tool that can help you achieve love and happiness. 

Personality IntegrationWhat is the Soul Force Integration Workshop and what will it do for me?

When you are secure in your wholeness, you will cease to attract problems. 

The Soul Force Integration Workshop encompasses a wide range of shamanic and visionary tools to help you gain empowerment and completeness.  Many former students report a new feeling completeness, as well able to make use of new capabilities to build better and happier lives.

During the Soul Force Integration Workshop, you will learn to:

  • Deprogram habitual traumatic responses and heal old emotional wounds,
  • Reintegrate dissociated parts of your personality,
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Recover self-confidence and rid yourself of external energy forms.
Some of the Techniques you will learn include:
  • “Deep Mirroring” techniques for healing yourself and others without sacrificing safety of the environment and all other participants.
  • Animal, Healer, and Accountant reunification: Undo the loss of connection between diverse internal aspects to heal depression, slow recovery from illness, and loss of vitality.
  • Energy Field Integration Technique - Learn how to move out of negative emotions, restore self confidence, and be a positive influence on the rest of the world.
  • Enter altered states of consciousness in order to find soul parts lost by your clients; as well as successfully negotiate for their return
  • Journey to discover uses for your newly integrated personal resources

When you are complete, nothing can touch you. 

3-day Workshop presented by Rowland Barkley
Australian Master Shaman - NLP Trainer - creator of “Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing
Pre-requisite: Willingness to wake up and live, and make new friends that will support your success.

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