Using Soul Retrieval and Integration to Heal Financial Crisis

Falling TrainDo you roll your eyes just like your mother, or have a nose just like your father's?  These, and many other traits were most likely passed down through generations.  At the same time, each of those generations also had a set of basic needs that had to be met through the system of interdependence.   While this may seem obvious, you may not realize the enormous role it plays on your current financial situation, let alone the powerful key you hold to solving the global financial crisis. 

Irregardless of whether your ancestors farmed, hunted animals, or performed some type of community service, the energies associated with obtaining and doing work within a set of social constraints are also passed down from generation to generation.  Unfortunately, as with many other aspects of your life, the patterns that worked or failed in the past may cause an enormous amount of harm in the present.

Consider a situation where you work in some type of clerical job.  Now, let us also say you often find yourself competing during work hours, and constantly facing scarcity in every area of your life.  Even though an ancestor from thousands of years ago may not have worked in a similar position, their occupations and habits are recorded in your soul matrix. 

As you may be aware, each time you go for a job, lose a job, or suffer some type of negative experience, it may cause a piece of your soul to be left behind.  Without a question, if you had a more constructive way of looking at work, you may have been able to navigate around these situations and avoid the soul loss. 

Barkley MetaphysicianWhen Rowland Barkley performs a Soul Retrieval, he does much more than simply look for the soul fragment and place it back in your body.  Rather, he sees the soul and all its fragments in multiple, interdependent contexts.  This includes the effect of your ancestral lines, as well as the things they needed to do in order to survive.  Therefore, Rowland is uniquely able to see all of the reasons why your soul “learned” to draw situations that created a path that is spiritually and financially harmful.

During the process of reintegrating your soul fragments in workshops and private sessions, you will have an enormous opportunity to take part in a two-fold cure.  First, you will be clearing the negative patterns that would only go on to influence your future and that of your family.  At the same time, you will also be helping to clear the enormous number of harmful recordings that have built up in the human consciousness for thousands of years.

Without a question, humans do horrible things to each other right along with every other living thing on this planet.  As a result, somewhere in the back of your mind, you may feel that someone, somewhere in your ancestral past must also have done something horrible in order to survive.  Irregardless of whether your imagination creates genocide, inhumane hunting practices, or unethical social dealings, you may well decide it is better to go on punishing yourself with your current set of financial limitations. 

Even though no one can tell you what to do with your life, why go on living in a way that harms the rest of the world and your own future generations?   Doesn't it seem a bit silly to go on imposing a negative world view on others based on something your soul was not even responsible for?  As a member of an interdependent society, there is no question that everyone today depends on you to optimize your life and do everything possible to live in a way that is harmonious and productive.   

Energetic LiberationMany people are skeptical of going for a Soul Retrieval.  Among other things, you may have heard all kinds of stories about the difficulties of facing the power of your emotions.  While the reintegration process is not always easy, you will find that Rowland's approach creates a much healthier, successful, and rewarding process.  Because of his special ability to see your role, and your family's role across many timelines and dimensions, you can feel confident that the retrieval and integration will be tailor made for your personal wellness.

There is no question that the global financial crisis affects each person.   Fortunately, you hold within your soul and its fragmenting habits a valuable key to healing your own life and the world economy at the same time.  Consider that as you dig yourself out of debt, or obtain a job that enables you to pursue environmental rehabilitation, you will also be serving your community in a positive way.  Today, you have a unique opportunity to enroll in Rowland Barkley's soul retrieval workshops, and begin the process of healing financial crisis on all levels.  Irregardless of your past, or your ancestral past, soul retrieval is one of the first things you will need to do in order to achieve success.

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Building Self-Esteem With Implant Clearing

Creative ImpetusMost medical professionals realize that poor self-esteem can lead to all kinds of health problems.  While they may characterize the situation in psychological terms, it may also have an energetic, or spiritual component.  Depending on your past lives, pre-birth contracts, and current life events, low self-esteem may be generated by a foreign implant.  As with many of these devices, they are used to keep you away from certain activities.  We often view this as harmful when they interfere with having a full, abundant, and happy life.

Preventing Implants From Occurring

Inherited PatternsAs with colds and other types of infections, avoiding implants will always be to your advantage.  While you may not be able to avoid traumatic events in your life, you can optimize your outlook to prevent them from having a lasting presence in your energetic fields.  Unfortunately, if you have low self-esteem, you may draw these foreign energies to you.  At the same time, increasingly negative events will only drive your self-esteem lower. 

In many cases, breaking this cycle by yourself will be very difficult.  On the other hand, when you undergo Implant Clearing Therapy with Rowland Barkley, you will find the process rewarding as well as liberating.  Interestingly enough, Rowland will not just simply remove the implants and leave you open to other types of infestation.

During the process of removing implants, you will have an opportunity to learn why and how they became attached to you.  As Rowland heals and rebalances your energetic fields, you will also develop a sense of how to protect yourself from future problems. You will also find that this type of healing will reverse the decay of your self-esteem.  As the process continues to unfold, you will experience many different kinds of beneficial changes in your life.

Discerning Self From Not-self

Ganesh ExorcismWhen your esteem is not at an optimal level, there is an automatic tendency to take the blame for anything that goes wrong in your life.  As an example, if you have an argument with someone, you may blame yourself for the entire situation.  On the other hand, it is equally important to understand that it is not rational to fight with yourself, and therefore both parties are responsible for the conflict.   Unfortunately, once you start manifesting blaming behavior, it makes the perfect opportunity for a foreign implant to take advantage of you. 

In some cases, you may not even recognize that there is a foreign entity or fragment interfering in your life.  As may be expected, this will make deciding whether to integrate the fragment or release it very difficult.  You may even find that trying to do this on your own will leave you feeling very puzzled and confused. 

That said, when Rowland works with you on implant clearing, he will be able to see your entire soul picture from other dimensions.  As he looks at your energy fields, he will be able to see the original structure of your soul, as well as the fragmentary units that do not belong there.  This, in turn, will make it much easier for him to direct your attention and healing energies to the areas that need to be released.   As you progress through the healing, you will also be able to learn the shape and dimension of your unique soul.  This, in turn, will make it much harder for implants to occur again.

Liberation MasteryOn a global scale, it may help to think of each person as a puzzle piece that is part of the human consciousness.  While there is a finite number of puzzle pieces to any one picture, there are an infinite number of puzzles.  Therefore, if you think about implants as pieces from other puzzles, you can see how they interfere with your life as well as the rest of humanity.   Issues related to self-esteem can make it very easy for these foreign fragments to attach themselves to your energetic fields.  At the same time, clearing them from your own energetic fields also helps liberate the human consciousness from their harmful effects.  Today, you can enroll in Rowland Barkley's Implant Clearing workshops and begin the process of improving your life by eliminating harmful energies that do not serve your higher purpose.

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Improving Your Relationships With Power Animal Recovery

Chances are, when you hear the phrase “power animal”, you may first think of cultural expressions that attempt to draw a comparison between animal behavior and human behavior.  That said, power animals play a much more larger role in your life than these definitions suggest.   Among other things, the loss of power animals can lead to all kinds of relationship problems.  Therefore, if you are looking to improve your work, personal, or other social relationships, it may be to your benefit to have your power animals retrieved. 

The Difference Between a Power Animal and an Animal Totem

Power AnimalIn order to understand what a power animal is, you may want to look for some pictures of sculptures created in the Middle East during the stone age.  Some of  these sculptures depict a human face in the front, and an animal one in the back.   While these sculptures may appear primitive by modern standards, they clearly expressed the human psyche and the animal one as two halves of the same whole.  In a similar way, your power animals reside within.

On the other hand, animal totems are external entities.  Typically, they will stay with you for your entire life.  In some cases, you may form or break an alliance with different animals.  While these animals can provide support, comfort, and guidance, they are still unique spirits that are not dependant on you.

When you work with Rowland, he will teach you a great deal about how to recognize your unique set of power animals.  This includes helping you to see aspects of your body language that reveal which animals represent your inner thoughts.  As you proceed with the retrieval process, you will also learn how to shift more deeply into these roles, and gain the benefit of them.  

There are many books and workshops that provide information about these topics, as well as shapeshifting and other forms of “animal transformation”.  Unfortunately, most of these products and seminars will fail to teach you how to recognize and respect your animal side.  At a minimum, when you work with Rowland, you will have the opportunity to understand your instinctive nature in a way that does not require wearing fur, or making strange sounds.  Without a question, you will appreciate forming the deeper links and resonances that will enable you to call on the support of your power animals without others necessarily understanding what is happening.

The Benefits of Using Power Animal Symbolism

Rowland DoubledrumConsider a situation where you are having problems with a co-worker or supervisor.  For the most part,  you may feel bullied, intimidated, or weakened in this person's presence.  At the same time, you may spend your private time festering with anger and an inability to make any changes in the situation.  Unfortunately, showing any type of negative attitude will most likely result in job loss.  On the other hand, once you retrieve your power animals, you will be able to find the answers and energy that will help you manage the situation more effectively.

To begin, when you have a problem with a co-worker, there may be something that you are missing during communications.  As an example, your co-worker may feel nervous, or uncomfortable for some reason.  When you go into the situation with the idea that the other person is jealous, hateful, or domineering, you will have a very  hard time breaking through the impasse.  On the other hand, when you think like your power animal it may be much easier.

In this situation, you may want to start by calling for your power animal that best represents listening and observation.  Irregardless of whether this animal is a mouse, a housefly, or a wise owl, you are sure to pick up all kinds of interesting things about your co-worker.  From there, you will be able to easily adopt another animal to effectively manage the situation. At the same time, you will also have an opportunity to reframe the situation in a way that is of optimal benefit.  You are likely to be surprised by the improvements in your work relationship, as well as your increased productivity.

Even though you may feel that you know the difference between power animals and animal totems, learning how to interface with them can be difficult.  That said, Rowland has over 30 years of experience with retrieving power animals, as well as training others how to work with them for optimal benefit.   Therefore, if you want to be effective and achieve your goals, the best thing you can do is start by signing up for Rowland's workshops.

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Restoring Your Sense of Love with Archetypal Energy Healing Workshops

Even though there is no specific definition of love, almost every description of it boils down to the union of two independent entities.  As you look at symbols from ancient cultures, “Love”, or the marriage of heaven and earth were created and use in many different contexts.  As an example, Yin and Yang, the Star of David, Celtic Knots, and the Caudices have withstood the test of time because they symbolize wholeness created from balanced and integrated unions. 

Rowland DoubledrumUnfortunately, we live in a world that uses roses, behavior manipulation, and financial reward in place of more symbolically integrative designs and values.  Therefore, many people easily miss seeing that the potential for love still exists in every aspect of creation.  Today, when you enroll in Energetic Field Liberation Therapy workshops with Rowland Barkley you will have an opportunity to find and experience integrative wholeness in its purest form.

Establishing a Foundation of Love with Archetypal Energy Healing

If you have never experienced a specific event, you may not recognize it when it occurs.  As an example, if you have never experienced a graduation party in a foreign country, you may not recognize it unless someone else tells you what is going on.   In a similar way, you will not always recognize what the full integration of spirit and body feels like unless you walk into a place that is filled with this energy. 

Fortunately, when you enroll in the Barkley Energetic Field Healing workshops, the first thing you will experience is a matrix of love energy.  Once you know what it feels like to exist in a state of wholeness, you will be in an optimal condition to work on other issues.  This may include relief from emotional distress as well as physical illness.

The Benefits of Integrative Healing

Major BreakthoughEnergetic Field Liberation Healing is one of the most powerful methods for curing all kinds of diseases.  Because the energy of illness is transformed at the holographic soul level, the changes happen quickly and efficiently.  Consider a situation where you have chronic joint pain. 

Unlike conventional medical treatments, you will not be given harmful and addictive pain killers.  Instead, Rowland will look at your energy field, or aura, and pinpoint historical energy patterns that are causing your pain.   As you may be aware, mental as well as physical injuries can damage your energy field.  Once the disharmony is cleared or erased, your aura will be rebalanced to its initial healthy state. From there, your pain will stop, and healing will continue to completion.

Chances are, you may be wondering how your energy field can be restored to an initial healthy state.  Interestingly enough, even though each person is different, there is an underlying blueprint of good health.  Therefore, as Rowland works to restore your energy fields, he will be able to read that blueprint and align your energies accordingly.  Unfortunately, not all therapists will be able to perform this very important task.

As you may be aware, many people believe that they deserve to be poor, live in pain, or be unhappy.  That said, it is equally important to realize that the distress of one person has a negative impact on everyone else.  In many cases, this can set up a very harmful feedback system that only serves to reinforce the idea that you have less value than someone else. 

Soul IntegrationToday, everyone needs to do their part in rebuilding and restoring the good health of this world.  Without a question, if you take a chance and accept the challenge that comes with restoring your own wellness, you will find that the harmful cycle of negative energy will vanish from your life.  You will also have an opportunity to watch the world around restored to its original bounty and perfection.

As dissonant life events build up, you may well believe that you should “pay” for them with illness and pain. Living in a state where you do not experience the loving union of body and soul will cause you to search externally for something that you do not recognize within yourself.  Fortunately, when you enroll in Rowland Barkley's Archetypal Energy Healing workshops, you will have a chance to find this love and take part in restoring others to wholeness.

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Ancient Consensus “Realities” and the Modern World

Wood StoveToday, many spiritual and philosophical belief systems basically indicate that life begins, develops, and ultimately degrades until death occurs.   This includes the idea that our greatest soul gifts have become lost or destroyed as we progress through time.   While that may be logical in a “cause and effect” type of reality, it is very dangerous when expanded into a consensus reality that includes the entire world.   Interestingly enough, our “modern” perception of “cause and effect” has its roots in the successes and failures of humans well before recorded history.  

Regardless of whether you are trying to improve your own life, or do something for your community, you may often wish that you had the skills, talents, or energies that you had in other lifetimes.  Contrary to popular opinion, it is entirely possible for you to regain all of the gifts and abilities you had from the moment your soul was created.  To begin the process, all you will need to do is enroll in Rowland Barkley's Past Life Abilities Retrieval Workshop.

Free Yourself From Fatalistic Atlantean and Lemurian Paradigms

PostojnaTypically, a lack of knowledge about a particular event does not prevent it from having an impact on our lives.  In most cases, the effects are so subtle that we may not see their effects for several years.  By that time, the original energies have magnified and evolved to a point where it takes an enormous amount of discernment to understand what is happening.  Strangely enough, even myths can alter the entire progress of a civilization.

The stories of Atlantis and Lemuria were tailor made to support the idea that human beings must lose certain soul parts, and suffer ultimate destruction.  Fantasy or not, this belief system serves to keep millions of people under the control of fatalistic consensus reality thinking.   In a similar way, trying to create a “redeemer” serves to force individuals to give up more of their soul parts in order to achieve some kind of conglomerate survival.  On the other hand when you retrieve your past life abilities, you can create your own destiny.  Once you begin this process, all of those harmful paradigms will simply slip away, and leave you with the kind of vitality and joy that has not been seen in this world for thousands of years.

Achieving More in the Modern World

Drum LessonAnyone that wants to see their children or grandchildren go on to create families of their own will want to get free of the fatalistic consensus reality that is rapidly dooming humanity to extinction.  In most cases, you can easily debunk this paradigm with Barkley Holographic Timeline Therapy by taking back all of the gifts your soul had across time.   Once you regain these abilities, you will be living proof that the current consensus reality is seriously flawed.  From there, others will follow, and you will be at the forefront of creating miraculous changes in your life and in this world.

Even if you feel that you have lost your entire soul, you can get every single piece back, along with all the abilities held in those soul parts.  Today, Rowland Barkley is one of the few people that has the ability to ensure that you are fully restored to your point of origin.  Without a question, if you have undergone past life ability retrieval with others, you will be stunned by   the difference. 

As modern humans, we tend to forget that millions of years of history and activities are built into our actions and thoughts.  In some cases, even human imaginings have expanded to a point where our history becomes based on fantasy and delusion.  Unfortunately, the modern global situation is clear evidence that humanity cannot hope to survive if we continue to base our action and beliefs on fatalistic consensus thinking.

Major BreakthoughEven though our ancestors needed to build some type of “cause and effect” thinking in order to form societies, mistakes and negative emotions have escalated to the point where we all need to break free of those chains. In particular, each person needs to retrieve past life abilities in order to recognize that humanity does not need to descend into some type of ultimate destruction.  Today, with the Life Abilities Retrieval Workshop, you can let Rowland Barkley help you retrieve your birthright, and look forward to a new world filled with all the joy and abundance you have been looking for.

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