Advantages of Learning to Be an Archetype Negotiation Guide

Global Energy ReferralIrregardless of what you do to make money, being a good salesman is part of the process.  As an example, even if you are a bill collector, or a clerical worker, you need to “sell” your methods, solutions, and service on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, any good marketing specialist or recognized salesman will tell you that it is impossible to sell something you would not buy yourself. 

Typically, it will be easier to “refer” or sell things to others that make you happy.   In a similar way, if you have experienced some type of healing, you will most certainly want to tell others about cures that helped you feel better.  Attending Archetype Negotiation Guide training sessions with Rowland Barkley will present you with a powerful system that will give you the tools be more successful at directing referral based energy in each area of your life.   

Archetype Negotiation Method around the House

Wood StoveThere is no question that the habits of family members can add more stress to an already hectic life.  As an example, if you are responsible for doing the laundry, you may be very frustrated with family members that leave their socks on the floor.  Chances are, if you could choose a force of nature to work with in this situation, it would be lightening.

On the other hand, it is far more beneficial to identify something that will make your other family members happy.  As may be expected, this will involve finding out what will make them place a higher value on picking up their socks.   That said, it often takes special training in order to identify the more positive internal motivators of others.  Without a question, identifying these natural forces will make it easier to avoid all the upsetting things that come with trying to get your way forcefully.

Archetype Negotiation Method and the Forces of Nature

Nature ForcesFor the most part, when you think of “forces of nature”, lighting, ocean waves, and many other awe inspiring energies come to mind.  That said, Rowland's workshops will also teach you about the magical natural energies inside of a person, and how these resonate and work with the external energies of nature.  As you learn how to invoke and direct energies that make others around you happy, you will benefit yourself, as well as others.

As you may be aware, there is much more to feeling good than simple external appearances.  Therefore, when you are trying to sell something, it is crucial to do what you can to ensure it suits the long term needs of the buyer.  If your customer is happy in the long term, as well as the short term, they will be more inclined to speak and think well of you.

Unfortunately, many people today think of good salesmanship being rooted in clever tactics.  Similar to Tom Sawyer, they will invoke the internal force of good will of friends, family, and neighbors, only to sell them something that is of less value than what is acquired.  That said, as you work with Rowland, you will be trained to find the most beneficial types of energy exchanges.   As you learn to invoke the forces of nature, you will also learn to do so in a way that is ethical, balanced, and sensible.

Activated NeurolinguisticsIn order to sell something, you must communicate the value of what you want to sell to others.  While invoking natural forces can help with that process, you will also need to make sure that your own body and words communicate the same message.  As an example, if you are trying to invoke good housekeeping habits in your children with relation to putting their socks in the laundry hamper, crossing your arms and glaring at them is not likely to invoke their more positive natural forces.   As you uncross your arms, sit down, and smile, you are likely to find that your children will feel better about tending this small matter.  Even though you may not have promised anything, simply allowing your body and words to draw the desired results will help you achieve your goal.

Chances are, you have heard about the enormous power of words and body language.  At the same time, it takes high quality training to successfully invoke and work with natural forces.  Fortunately, when you undergo training in Rowland Barkley's Archetype Negotiation Training workshops, you will gain access to a tremendous amount of energy, as well as information about how to use it to transform your life, and how to pass those benefits onto others.

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