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Archetype Negotiation Method level 1:

Holographic Timeline Healing: Therapeutic Soul Integration

Timeline ClearingDid you know most people squander 99% of their energy and resources on beliefs inherited from other people?  Much of this power is misused as a result of fearing the possibility that a past problem or negative event will reoccur. Holographic Timeline Therapy retrieves your attention from the past, thus making your life happier and more productive in the present.
In the first two days of Holographic Timeline healing, you will

  • Take control of your consciousness and emotional well being
  • Learn how to stay centered within 4 archetypal states of consciousness
  • Keep yourself strong and protected during the healing process
  • Learn how to induce rapid healing trances in your clients

In the next 4 days, you will learn the basics of Holographic Timeline Healing.  This training emphasizes special techniques developed by Rowland Barkley that are based on ancient Shamanic healing techniques. These methods will help you:

  • Routinely heal emotional problems and limiting belief systems that cause many physical problems for your clients
  • Heal traumas incurred at the soul level as well as during past lives, past generations, pre-birth trauma, and present lifetime damages.
  • Assist your clients with making direct access to holographic recordings of past events, as well as understand the experience of all participants or co-creators of the trauma.
  • Learn how to recover the client’s soul from past events. This will rapidly increase their success in life, by the creation of positive future timelines.