Three Life-Changing

Module 1: Life Force (Shamanic DNA) Activation
This experiential weekend activates energy and self healing in your body, opening the way to increased self confidence, pleasure, and prosperity into your life. Life may bend the tree in various directions, yet it remains strong, and naturally bounces back to its own centre. We have much to learn from nature.

In this workshop, the energetic centers in your hands will be activated, restoring the ability of removing stagnant energetic imprints from the body. These imprints are the cause of most unwanted behaviour, negative beliefs, and other problems in life.

  • Spiritual DNA activation: Gain much more energy in your life, speeding healing, and restoring emotional stability
  • Clear emotional energy blocks, and implanted conditioning, that keeps people acting like slaves
  • Learn "Deep Mirroring" techniques, healing others safely without absorbing negative energy
  • Heal Family Karma patterns. Why not release the weight of limiting beliefs and compulsive behavior from endless past generations?
  • Learn Communication with the unconscious mind
  • Learn to have your emotional energy work for you

    The Family Karma section of this workshop commonly blasts away patterns that have been burdening your genetic line for centuries. Years of attempted therapy commonly have failed to heal these blockages, as these patterns are largely not individual, but inherited and mass conditioning.

This section is powerful, fast, surprising, life-changing, and often fun!

Module 2: Higher Self and Healing
Prerequisite: Life Force Activation

  • Learn to Initiate others in Spiritual DNA
  • Increase your power and success in the present by learning from your Future and Probable Selves
  • Genetic and Alien Implant Removal
  • Explore four layers of the Higher Self
  • Light Body Creation
  • Integrate Personality Parts, bringing Self into wholeness

Module 3: Exorcism and Personal Power
(Apply for qualification program)

  • Transmute Mutually Solidified Realities, the knots of energy that complicate human relationships, endanger health, and permit possession
  • Learn to clear Attached Spirits and "Targs", living barriers to artistic and intellectual ability
  • Integrate Personality parts, bringing self into wholeness
  • Learn to harness the positive power within every block and every obstacle
  • Develop attitudes that forbid psychic attacks
  • Clear the "Cast of Characters" from the Astral Body that are dumped, lost, borrowed, and stolen from others
  • Awaken to the intensity of the Deep Instinctive Mind powering your creative projects

Journey through the 3 Shamanic Initiation Workshops

DNA the Shamanic Way is an initiation workshop, awakening body consciousness and inviting in Spirit, triggering an activation process that usually continues for months. The ability to remove emotional and conditioning imprints is encoded into your hands, a powerful healing ability. You learn to selectively communicate at the level of animal, Spirit, or both and more. You activate the process of letting go of animal conditioning that may have been relevant to human or other races in ages past, but no longer serves you.

Future Self Repatterning continues the initiation, raising consciousness of rejected personality parts and integrating them to wholeness. You begin to explore prototypes in the Higher Self of the Superconscious, Conscious, Preconscious, and Instinctive minds, and how future and probable selves shape current reality. Genetic implants, basically installed to keep humans in their various slave classes are removed, allowing greater spiritual awareness to be present within the body.

Exorcism and Personal Power continues on to clear dark spirits and illusions, and astral fragments exchanged with others, allowing the power of your instinctive mind to energize your creative projects.

why DNA the SHAMANIC WAY workshops?

Resulting from thousands of years of restrictive social conditioning and various other causes, bodies on Earth have amassed thousands of implanted and negative conditioned patterns. This has deactivated most aspects of Spiritual DNA, the connections between the consciousness of the body and the Higher Self.

Even aware people on Earth, such as concert musicians, normally are personally suffering serious energy wastage and personal pain due to activation of implant conditioning in their electrical field.

For thousands of years, Shamans in most "primitive" societies have experienced powerful visions of "ladders between heaven and Earth" in such complex patterning as intertwined snakes, often with similarities to later biological models of DNA. From a Shamanic perspective, the physical body is a crystallization from Higher Bodies, and not the causal level. Shamanic working with this model can produce powerful results in terms of a passionate, happy, energized and motivated life.

These are experientially intense, transformational weekend workshops, through which you achieve skills in clearing emotional and energetic blocks in yourself and others, regaining connection with your personal power.

Using Shamanic techniques, including drumming journeys, you will explore the different styles of consciousness and knowledge access available at different levels of your body, Instinctive Mind, and Higher Self, breaking the chains that had bound you to "modern" decadent beliefs about aging, illness and stress. This unleashes dormant healing and creatuve powers.

Looking forward to preparing you for your integration of divine and material bodies!

Paz Géia, in its mission of promoting the academic and practical teaching of Shamanism, once more brings to Brazil the Australian shaman Rowland Barkley.
Rowland is a Shamanic Master who links with rare skill the ancient and secret teachings of Mother Earth with modern healing techniques. His therapeutic work allows the client/student reconnection of the hurt parts of the Ego with the healing force of the Self. As Master and healer, Rowland sponsors your wholeness as a human being, your capacity of creation, and restores access to your knowledge.
Carminha Levy , São Paulo, Brazil 1997
Founder Paz Géia Instituto de Pesquisas Xamânicas

I experienced Rowland's work ''Alchemical Shamanism" as the next level to where the work of consciousness needs to go on this planet.
James Hyman, Founder, Deep Emotional Release Bodywork

Virtual 12-strand DNA is a model for exploring awesome abilities latent within the higher bodies of the human Just one result is 4th dimensional body consciousness which releases you from your chaining to "modern" decadent beliefs about aging, illness and stress, unleashing dormant healing and creative powers.

Upgrade Notice January 2006

12-Strand DNA Activation has been a powerful metaphor for many years in activating life force in the body. When healing the body, metaphors are important for healing, as the body consciousness understands images, not words. There has been much similarity of images used for understanding ancient healing energies visualized by ancient Shamans to the models for understanding DNA by modern biologists. This has allowed these images to speak to the body consciousness and awaken dormant abilities.

The three Shamanic DNA workshops described in the Shamanic DNA Initiation Workshops archive were offered solely for personal evolution of my (Rowland Barkley) course participants, and nobody had ever been trained in any of the vital skills necessary these or similar workshops. Extensive training would be necessary for any other person to even begin to understand the number of skills necessary as a Shamanic Initiator, in teaching by means of Broadbeam Telepathy involved teaching these courses. These, and many other vital skills are necessary to effectively or even to safely attempt the activation of such latent abilities in the students. These courses must be taught at a number of simultaneous mental and metaphysical levels to permit information to pass in such a manner that a lifetime of difficulty can be significantly alleviated in such a short number of days.

As at this time (January 2006), nobody has ever achieved more than a fracftion of the advanced skills that are required to teach these courses.

The world situation at this time is an extremely urgent one. There is a need to create teachers who have the abiity to produce sane, aware, and able students, in a time where war is advertised openly at a much greater level than has ever happened in history.

Therefore I have evolved the 12-Strand DNA trainings to a higher level, named ANTOS Energetic Liberation Therapy, and developed a training program where greater results than ever before are available, not only as personl gain, but also a Teacher Training Program. For more information, please visit my new website:

ANTOS Transformational Methodologies

Survival Skills for the 21st Century
Archetype Negotiaton Training 2002
with Rowland Anton Barkley, the Deep TranceForming Shaman

Global Energy ReferralArchetype Negotiaton is a means of learning into you life, and into your client’s lives, and learning how to accept abundance, emotionally and materially. Most schools of therapy try to treat people as if they were broken, and try to reach a fortunately impossible result, “normality.” Archetype Negotiator recognizes that people with troubles need to learn how to select a different energy when they want different results. They need to learn to recover their soul out of past events, and limiting belief systems form others, in order to be present and really experience life.

Archetype Negotiaton rapidly helps your clients unlearn their “problems”, recovering the positive energy that was obscured by them, getting this energy to work for positive things in life. It works equally well on those who simply wish to succeed better in their lives, to have more intelligence, charisma, and creativity.

An Archetype Negotiator is in control of their own energy and states of consciousness, and knows how to evoke these successful states in others.

The great hypnotherapist Milton Erickson said: "People who accomplish a great many things are people who have freed themselves from biases. These are the creative people"

These intensive and experiential skills training workshops use Shamanic, hypnotic, and other multi-level learning states. They are open for all healing professionals, medical or alternative, in mastering multiple trance states to activate the power of healing in themselves and their clients. As well as professional enhancement, through intense personal work, you should expect to experience deep multi-level personal transformation.

Emphasized throughout will be developing the disciplines needed to acquire ability to hold holographic space, with the power of Love, permitting you to be the catalyst for powerful, rapid, and permanent evolution in those around you. Your clients will continue succeeding in their lives, beyond any technical explanation for how this is happening

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Archetype Negotiator level 1:
Holographic Timeline Healing: Therapeutic Soul Integration

Timeline ClearingMost people waste at least 99% of their energy due to so much attention fixated out of present time. Their actions are based on beliefs inherited from other people, and they lose their power by worrying whether a past problem or emotional event will happen again in the future. Holographic Timeline Therapy recovers your attention from the past, making your life happier and more productive in the present.

In the first two days of Holographic Timeline healing, you will have learn skills for deep and rapid healing trance induction in your clients, and how to set an example of control of your consciousness and emotional well-being. You will learn how to stay centered in four simultaneous archetypal states of consciousness, to keeping yourself strong and protected, while greatly intensifying your results with clients.

In the following 4 days, you will learn the basics of Holographic Timeline Healing. You will routinely heal emotional problems and limiting beliefs in minutes, and remove the energetic component of many physical problems in your clients.

This training emphasizes special techniques developed by Rowland Barkley out of ancient secret Shamanic healing techniques. These are used for healing traumas from the present life, the womb, past generations, past lives, and the Soul. With this training you help your clients directly access holographic recordings of past events, and to understand the experience of all participants or co-creators of the trauma.

You will learn to recover the client’s soul from past events, and to rapidly increase their success in life, by the creation of positive future timelines.

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Archetype Negotiator Level 2:
Deep Therapeutic Trances Training
Prerequisite: Archetype Negotiator Level One

Deep TrancesIn the first four days of Deeep Therapeutic Trances Training, you will rapidly be developing advanced Deep Transformational Trance skills. You will experience the many selves you thought you were, and their complements, the Dark Sides you thought you didn't want to be, at the same time, and with love. This will enormously free your creative power.

We will be training in using trance states in yourself and your client to draw out innate self healing potentials in your clients. Learn working with clients so they feel more creative and protected in their life, with a sense of connection to their Deep Instinctive Mind, their soul, and with the environment and greater fields via animal and other images.

The energetic masks people wear in everyday life are holograms of their limiting belief structures, and have a mysterious all-pervading influence on how others react to you. During this workshop, we will explore these masks, and with Alchemical Shamanism, learn to transmute them so you can create the life you want.

In the final two days, you will develop advanced Holographic Timeline Healing skills. These include:

  • Life Matrix Repatterning
  • Healing families and whole groups, in person or at a distance
  • Past/Future Soul Integration.

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Archetype Negotiator Level 3:
Deep Shadow Transformation: Deobsession for Therapists
Prerequisites: Archetype Negotiator Levels One and Two

Shadow TransformationDuring this week you will learn to work effectively with "alienating thought patterns" that attract "alien" energies. Learn dissolution of imprinted negative soul patterns passed on through the generations. Free energetic patterns released from the mother's emotional body and unconscious mind into the baby in the womb. Become an example of attitudes of Power that avoid possession from foreign thoughts and energies.

Carl Jung and others wrote about the Shadow. Now is the time to learn to use the power of the Shadow. We will be working with dissolving "manufactured selves," identities you created to deal with life or education, freeing your real power for you life's work.
Client's problems are largely ego fragments, energetic patterns and belief packages, borrowed from others. It is important for any type of therapist who wishes to achieve deep and long-lasting results to attain a significant level of expertise in the subject of Exorcism. Deep and permanent benefits are achievable once a client is able to release these “borrowed” ego fragments, thereby accepting and utilizing creative potentials inherent within their own personal shadow.

It is vital that a therapist facilitating this process has, in addition to a high degree of exorcism skills, a sufficiently deep personal integration that their life serves as an example that naturally invites their clients to venture so deeply into themselves.

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Archetype Negotiator Level 4:
Activated Psycholinguistics
Prerequisites: To receive the Master NLP Practitioner Certificate, students must have successfully completed Archetype Negotiator Levels one, two and three. Other students may be accepted onto the course having completed any basic training with Rowland Barkley, and will receive the “Spiritual Neurolinguistics”provisional certificate.

Activated NeurolinguisticsThe internal emotions and the external energies we invoke by our body postures, the way we use our words in daily life, and the way we use our energy, commonly produces an extremely limited reality in our daily lives.

In this deeply experiential course, we will aquire the therapeutic abilities necessary to increase the range of our personal choices, not only in our actions, but in how we can choose how we feel and how we react to situations.

We will experience how there are many choices how to reach our goals, and execute them in a competent manner. We will discover, likewise, how to assist our clients expand their possibilities and create their own excellent choices.

Some of the skills achieved in Spiritual Neurolinguistics:

  • How to enter powerful and positive states of consciousness and be focused in what you do in life
  • How to change unwanted automatic reactions in yourself and others
  • How to model genius of others, and transfer this to your self
  • Learn how all your client’s problems presuppose the resources to solve their problems
  • “Sleight of Mouth” patterns to explode the boundaries of problems, in therapeutic, social, and business situations
  • Learning from Future Self  how to solve today’s problems
  • Learn how clients heal themselves of “incurable” illnesses
  • Learn how to work with “values” so others attend more to what you say, and so they spend their time in life much more happily and productively

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Archetype Negotiator Level 5:
Forces of the Universe as applied to Archetype Negotiaton
Prerequisites: Archetype Negotiator Levels One, Two, and three.

Nature ForcesThe”Odus of  Ifa” are the basic 256 energy patterns of  the universe. All types of healing, whether physical, spiritual, or psychological, are some attempt to change the type or direction of energy in a client, or to change the energy pattern that a client uses in life. It may be most necessary to change what basic energy a client habitually uses to try solve some particular situation, it may be the direction and type of energy flowing between parts of the body, or between body and mind, that is more necessary.


In the modules “Holographic Timeline Healing” and “Deep Trances Training,” students experienced the four archetypes necessary to remain stable and centered, yet flexible, allowing much deeper transformative results in their clients.

A major purpose of Archetype Negotiator, Level five is to deepen and amplify this range of therapeutic flexibility, by directly experiencing the basic energies of the universe – the Odus. You will be able to demonstrate to you clients Odus formations they can use for success in work, to pass exams, or for greater personal healing and energy in life. You will learn to experience these energies directly.

You will achieve higher consciousness of the energies necessary to obtain greater results in your clients, rather like an orchestra conductor, confidently awakening the energetic potentials for necessary changes.

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Archetype Negotiaton Level 6:
Liberation MasteryMaster Archetype Negotiator
This course is by invitation only, and requires an ethics agreement.
Some skills covered:
  • How to heal situations that were previously labelled as insanity, that are inherited across families and generations
  • How to access the special skills that created master musicians and artists
  • Advanced Environmental Healing
  • How to initiate any state of consciousness in anybody


Soul retrieval counselling outline
By Rowland Barkley, 1994

This course has now been replaced by "Holgraphic Timeline Training: Soul Integration for Therapists", but still has much useful background information for Archetype Negotiation students.

Soul retrieval Counselling is a method in which key fixed patterns of a client's life can be reworked. This involves three foci:

  1. Holographic Timeline Clearing to relieve the key traumas of the client's life by understanding the events as a mutual creation.
  2. Reworking the patterns to heal the energy field of the body.
  3. Inviting soul or essence of the person that left to avoid trauma to return and participate in life, the integration having been honored and invoked by the clearing and reworking steps.

Presuppositions of Soul Retrieval Counselling

  1. When part of you avoids life or leaves, a void is created that will constantly attract something to fill it.
  2. It is never too late to have a happy childhood.
  3. When you are whole, nothing can touch you.

Soul Retrieval has been a powerful technique for thousands of years. Native tribes basically use it in an emergency, e.g. somebody goes into a coma. A child almost dies and they'll have a tent full of children wailing for him/her to come back, inviting the soul to return to the body. As a technique used so "civilized" people can be more present, in order to live a more integrated life as people, it has only recently been well known.

I started researching the subject in earnest around six years ago. I had names such as "fragments", or "aspects", a term taken from the work of Jane Roberts. The methods I first developed were less effective due to the models I was using: mental concepts such as time and space, position in relation to the body, why did you split off. Those all return mind or attention units, but are not reliable in returning your ability to feel. A lost soul part believes it is the person, so one must ask it only questions that would invite integration, rather than questions that would evaluate separation.

Now Available to all: the new Professional Shamanic Workshop series: By Rowland Anton Barkley, Master Shaman and NLP Trainer

“Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing”
Activated Nuclear Transformational Ontological Shamanism

Energetic LiberationBarkley Archetypal Energy Healing” has been created under constant and dedicated development for over 30 years, by Rowland Anton Barkley, Master Shaman and NLP Trainer, and now has finally been released as a professional training.

The full training, up to the Provisional Master Practitioner level, is taught over eight experientially intense, transformational week­end workshops, through which you reactivate your instinctive skills for rapidly clearing emotional and energetic blocks in yourself and others, gaining reconnection with your personal power. These workshops are suitable for healers and therapists wishing to expand their abilities, and also for all those who are willing to have a healing influence on the environment, no matter the nature of their daily profession.

Using Shamanic techniques, including drumming journeys, you will explore the different styles of consciousness and access to knowledge available at different levels of your body, Instinctive Mind, and Higher Self, breaking the chains that had bound you to "modern" limiting beliefs about aging, illness and stress. This reveals an inner fountain of your healing and creative abilities.

For thousands of years, Shamans in “primitive” societies have experienced powerful visions of “ladders between heaven and Earth” as complex patterning such as intertwined snakes, often with visionary similarities to later biological models of DNA. From a Shamanic perspective, the physical body is crystallized from Higher Bodies. Shamanic working with this model can produce powerful results in terms of a more passionate, happy, energized and motivated life.

Due to thousands of years of restrictive social conditioning and various other causes, bodies on Earth have amassed thousands of implanted and negatively conditioned patterns. This has deactivated much of our innate healing capabilities and Higher Self Connection.

Even aware people on Earth, such as concert musicians, normally are suffering serious energy wast­age and personal pain due to activation of im­plant conditioning in their electrical fie­ld. With the Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing methods, we will learn to rapidly and permanently remove these emotional and physical limitations with our fingers.

At this stage of human history, it is very urgent that we reactivate our abilities, and there simply may not be time to use methods that work slowly!

Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing is a State-of-the-Art Holographic healing method, utilizing a structural principle of nature that the highest of existence is encoded into the smallest of the parts. The method uses ancient energies and Shamanic principles with an efficiency and effectiveness that is totally new. By becoming an Archetypal Energy Healer, you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that you are competent to assist in the rapid awakening of those who are ready to experience freedom, and participate in implementing positive visions on Earth.

Basic workshop cycle
Training time: four weekends
Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner

Module 1: Shamanic Initiation and Body Clearing: Personal Confidence and Energetic Stability
Power AnimalThis profound weekend Initiatory experience awakens your body consciousness, reconnecting with your personal power, regaining your access to the forces of Nature. Your hands will be coded with the abilities required for dissolving energetic blocks and emotional limitations. Animalistic instincts that have been wasting your energy may be transmuted into more productive things.

You will learn multi-level mirroring, allowing you to be an example of personal certainty, acting as the catalyst of integration and healing in those with whom you make contact in your life.

  • Dynamic Spiral Healer Initiation: Activates not only self-healing and your ability to heal others, but relationships with the dynamic forces of nature
  • Learn “Deep Mirroring” techniques, how to heal others with energetic protection for the client, the environment, and self.
  • Animal Power Reconnection: As we go through life, we often lose connection with our Animal Power, causing lack of energy, depression, and slow recovery from illness
  • Clearing of somatic imprints in the physical, emotional, and subtle bodies These are the “trophies” or remnants from past emotional failures, which are perhaps the biggest single cause of illness in the human race
  • Learn Communication with the “Unconscious Mind”, increasing your self-certainty, creative project motivation, and intuitive resources in your life
  • Learn the “Emotional Liberation Technique”, allowing you at any moment in your life to release negative framing of your experiences, past, present, and future

Module 2: Healing beyond Distance: Higher Self Therapy
Purple FlameIn this second module, you will experience Shamanic Trance journeys at a completely different level: our Matrix of Personal Creation. This is the level where the Higher Self dreams our material lives into existence, utilizing multiple Timelines.

At every Timepoint (or turning point) in our lives, we view the different possibilities that could have been, constructing a variety of alternative future Timelines, and then, sometimes randomly select one of these Timelines as the path we will walk through life. Awareness at the level of this Matrix of Creation, allows you to positively influence your life internally, and “externally”. All effective Healing at a distance requires exactly this skill of being the “orchestra conductor” of multiple Timelines.

Many people have attempted to only just heal their own self, but often that is not possible, as commonly what needs to be healed is the illusion of isolation. In this and later modules of the Archetypal Energy Healing training, you will be healing yourself, by means of healing your whole family system of negative patterns that were generated many generations past.

This module also evokes profound personal changes, through integration of divided parts of the unconscious. People are a collection of copied personalities, each of which is partly us, and partly someone else. Integration dissolves that which is not us, allowing that which is us to shine forth.

  • Integrate personality parts
  • Boost immune systems: When the body understands the nature of time, recovery form emotional and physical trauma may be much faster
  • Increase Higher Self communication, putting your life back on the purpose for which you were born
  • Remote Healing Techniques: Learn techniques that help friends, Family, and clients without limitation of distance

Module 3: Introduction to Personal Power and Deobsession
ExorcismThis module deepens the process, releasing energies that do not belong to the Self, and permitting your Deep Instinctive Mind to energize your creative projects.

Energy-wasting mental chatter has many significant sources other than the popular idea of possession by egos of “dead people.” Allowing your Self to be subordinated by invalidation or by strong influences of authoritative “advice,” creates a void in the mind, allowing negative voices to speak. Another major cause of alien voices living on in the mind is well-meaning family members demanding you be other than you are, such as expecting you to carry on the family business, become a doctor, etc.

  • Untie Energetic Knots, the co-created stagnant energetic forms that degrade human relationships and endanger health
  • Master the underlying principles of Psychic Self Defense
  • Releasing egos of “Dead People”, including live people with whom our relationship has died
  • Clear the cast of characters from the emotional body that are dumped, lost, borrowed and stolen from others
  • Release “Targs”, the major cause of human obsessions, habitual failures, and self-doubts after success
  • Learn to regain the energy trapped in past attempts to solve problems

Module 4: Nature Archetypes in Life and Therapy: Accessing Transformational Powers
SystemicDuring weekend four, you will learn to harness the basic archetypal energies that are expressed within all of nature, and how these energies express in human relationships in our daily lives. This brings you into personal, inner alignment with the forces of nature.

In order to provide some system of understanding for the general public, most Shamanic societies have some system for putting human faces on the Forces of Nature. The divinities of ancient Greece and Rome, the gods of Valhalla, the Orishas of Africa, saints, and even public holidays that celebrate hero figures, are methods society uses to ascribe visible form to the raw forces of nature.

These primal forces are actually accessed by a principle of Triangulation. The first point of the triangle is the client’s desire for healing, the second point is the therapist’s willingness to help, and the third point is the raw force of nature that can change conditions to solve the problem. When all three points for Triangulation are present, a fourth point above becomes created, evoking the particular face on that force that is comprehensible by both client and therapist as the agent of cure.

In module 4, and at a more advanced level in module 8, you will develop the ability to access these forces of nature in a manner that is both strongly instinctual and highly consciously focused at the same time. This ability is new on Earth.

  • Activating the Living Forces of Nature in your healing hands
  • Enhancing your relationships and professional success by honoring the interplay of archetypal forces in Self and in the behavior of others
  • Healing your Family karma assisted by Spirit within Nature

Some of the Nature forces accessed by Archetype Negotiation Method healers:

  • Power of the Winds of Change
  • Spirit of the Forest
  • Spirit of the Moon
  • Spirit of the Sun
  • Spirit of the Magma
  • Spirit of Lightning
  • Voices of the plants
  • Power of the Black Dragon
  • Warrior of the Mountains
  • Treasure of the Depth of the Oceans
  • Nurturing of the Waters

Certificate upon completion of Modules 1-4:
Archetypal Energy Healing Practitioner, Provisional

It is expected that those who are already in practice as any type of healer, or in any helping profession, will immediately begin using much that they learn in the first 4 modules. Naturally, in order to realistically present yourself as a Professional in the BARKLEY Archetype Negotiation Method, much more discipline and study is needed.

Advanced workshop cycle,
Training time: four weekends or seven days
Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner Series

In this series of four advanced weekend transformational experiences, you will be Initiated into advanced techniques, thus acquiring abilities for rapidly dissolving serious emotional blocks in self and in others, developing the ability of allowing the living forces of nature to flow through your hands, and restoring Life Force in individuals and groups who wish healing.

Module 5: Advanced Emotional Body Clearing Training
Power AnimalDuring this training, a major learning emphasis will be to make the deepest changes at the smallest levels. Your body will become re-energized. We will work with releasing Genetic Implants, the tiny, yet dense energetic patterns recorded in the body, and passed on for endless generations, that keep the human race accepting various forms of emotional and economic slavery. And we will learn free holographic access to sources of ancient healing knowledge.

  • Dynamic Spiral Healer Initiation, Level II: Further activates abilities for healing self and others, and opens intuitive abilities
  • Learn Deep Mirroring to maintain personal stability when healing group dynamics
  • Working with Power Animal forms in Healing and for success in relationships
  • Genetic Implant removal: Sudden liberation to express who you really can be
  • Working the Emotional Liberation Technique on clients
  • Accessing Shamanic World Teachers in healing

Module 6: Advanced Distance Healing
Purple FlameIn this module we will learn to heal problems at the level of their creation. We will be working directly at the interface between the personal self and group dynamics, and how to discreate problems at this level, and seed future successes. We will learn how all effective therapy heals at the systemic level, rather than at the personal level.

  • Holographic Healing: Energetic Clearing the level where our minds influence how others and groups wish to relate to us
  • Multi-Level healing
  • Personal and Group Soul Retrieval: recovering lost motivation and emotional abilities
  • Systemic Group Healing: Negotiating at the Higher Self Level, where we create our experiences
  • Exploring seeds of the Superconscious, Conscious, Preconscious, and Instinctive minds within the Higher Self

Module 7: Advanced Personal Power and Therapeutic Exorcism
ExorcismIn this module, you will gain the ability to free the voices in the mind that repeat self doubts and reduce Self-Authority. We will find how exorcism is not a matter of somebody having died and possessing us, but one of creating ego copies of others in our minds, or theirs, by opposing them. By releasing false egos we created to represent ourselves, we can gain Direct Access to the power of our own deeper Self.

  • Dissolve Energetic Knots to achieve family systemic healing
  • Learn to clear “Targs” in others, freeing your client’s life, in one session, of the main obstacle to their continuing success
  • Explore the circle of Archetypes from which we create our life force
  • Release “Manufactured Selves,” the egos we created to solve past emotional problems
  • Basic Exorcism and Personal Power healing on others

Module 8 – Dynamism of Nature in Personal and Environmental Transformation
SystemicIn this module we will be entering into Direct Experience of how the Dynamic Archetypes of nature manifest into our lives, our everyday personalities, and when consciously accessed, give us the power to achieve what we want in our lives.

  • Deepening Instinctive Healing Power in your hands
  • Environmental healing
  • Learn “Shamanic Messaging”: Influence groups in creative and positive ways
  • Reconnection with Guardian Forces

Certificate on completion of Modules 5-8:
Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner, Provisional

Karma SpiralRequirements for recognized Professional Status:
Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner, Professional

  1. Completion of Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Modules 1-8
  2. Special training only available to Assistants at modules 1-4 training
  3. Present notes from at least 100 hours of session work
  4. Written test
  5. 3-day advanced presentation and graduation training.

Professional graduates will have the right to:

  1. Print the BARKLEY Archetype Negotiation Method logo on their advertising and business cards
  2. Represent to the public that they are professionally trained in Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing
  3. Join the Archetype Negotiation professional society who will list their practice on the Internet
  4. Apply to join the Teacher Training program to teach modules 1-4

    Requirements for recognized Professional Teaching Status:
    Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Trainer
  1. Barkley Archetypal Energy Healing Master Practitioner
  2. Complete the “Archetype Negotiation Method” series, up to Module 5 (each is 1 week training)
  3. Complete the "Archetype Negotiation Method" Trainer's Training
  4. Show good results from 100 hours as a Trainer
  5. Receive Initiation at the Archetype Negotiation teacher's level. This Initiation transfers abilities such as how to transmit knowledge to your students, and awaken healing abilities in them, by Broadbeam Telepathy
  6. Special tasking if required

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Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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