Master Shaman Invitation to Come Home

Rowland barkley - master shaman
Invites you to come home...
Exploring the depths of your own perfection....

By Deborah

Through his totally unique Holographic Shamanism techniques, Rowland invites you on a journey home to meet your authentic explore your own divinity and humanity simultaneously. The door you choose to begin the search for your perfection is your choice...current struggles, life challenges, everyday dramas that are getting in your way. Only you can decide to turn dramas into dreams come true.

Creative ImpetusWhat is your dream and how is it manifesting in your life? Are there obstacles that are preventing you from manifesting it now? Have you claimed your divine birthright of joy and fulfillment? Rowland invites you to journey into the labyrinth of thoughts, emotions and beliefs that stand guard at the door to your true freedom. He works skillfully with sophisticated techniques to dispel the myths that are creating your present reality of struggle and challenge. He is a master at helping you access your own innate perfection so that it may be used to create success in all aspects of your life. The choice is carry the struggle one more moment or to let go of all resistence. Letting go can be as simple as dusting off clouds of self-doubt with a feather or as powerful as a lightning bolt of self-realization.

Have you ever felt like you were going in a million directions at once and going nowhere at the same time? Is there chaos, confusion or conflict in areas of your life? All parts of you are perfect...they just may not be speaking to each other...or not speaking the same language. Rowland brings these separated selves together and negotiates the most honoring living arrangement within your being. This results in harmony and growth...particularly in relationships. As chaos and conflict leave, he invites the power of your perfection to come home.

Rowland also acknowledges the sovereignty of your soul by gazing deeply into your eyes. In so doing, he identifies the true light you carry within. He gently and lovingly invites it to return to its rightful place of honor. The soul is truly seen and urged to share its unique mission. Your essence has the opportunity to shine at last. You feel renewed and revitalized. Your mind, body and spirit join together in a divine dance.

As you lighten the load of beliefs that no longer serve you, your life will unfold in new and magical paths. Your resonance make new choices. Your friends and family will notice that you are somehow different. They may have a difficult time describing your process, but they sense the profound gifts that are unfolding in your life. If they are curious, invite them to join you on the journey to celebrate wholeness. Together, you will create a significantly higher group resonance and an important source of support for each other's transformation.

Rowland GreatbookEveryone who has the courage to live their life purpose and dreams acts as proxy for the world. This work is a gift of peace and joy to yourself, your loved ones and your planet. Your life is precious...make the quantum shift to freedom and unlimited power. Be committed to your own growth. Take responsibility for the choices you make in life. Take your own personal journey now and give your spirit permission to soar!!!

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Deborah Rebolledo
Holistic Healer/Sacred Travel
New York City, March 1997

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